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re: Saints Using Tag On J. Graham - geauxtigers193
The Saints if they lose the court case should trade him the problem for graham is that another team will pay him WR money and stick him in the slot all the time in which those stat numbers will come down. Then he will call himself a tight end again when he gets released from that team. ...
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re: Fournette -Texas and Alabama - still calling yesterday - geauxtigers193
This was retarded because Bama had a chance to get that 5 star running back that committed to Auburn. That kid tried to commit to Bama twice and Bama decline trying to get Forurnette. This is funny and sad actually Saban is so hell bent on destroying LSU that he turned down a five star twice WOW. ...
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re: Keeping In State Talent - geauxtigers193
Well like I said before give instate recruits time to commit to LSU after that time has expired go OOS. LSU was lucky this time because other OOS schools either fired the coach or the coach was entertaining another school. However, they need to move on the ball much quicker instead of waiting on...
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re: Rashaan Evans picks Alabama! - geauxtigers193
Auburn should have offered him at either LB or DE not S. Auburn opened the door for Saban to exploit them with the Jack LB move. Auburn better beat Bama a number of times to get respect in that state. The way the Auburn fans are mad Reuben Foster better not never go back to Auburn or something b...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Jimmy Smiths take on lsu's remaining prospects - geauxtigers193
I think Dupre is going to FSU and young is going to UCLA. LSU always had problems with JC kids don't know why but they do. In addition, LSU have this bad perception problems with WR and OL. Maybe the last four years with OC's and OL coaches that didn't produce have caused this don't know. However, ...
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re: Any "insiders" hear anything about Young being a hard aTm lean? - geauxtigers193
The Aggies is the only visit without his parents so far. He had his parents with him at LSU and Ark. Even Hamm stated that the Young almost committed to the Aggies was not true. ...
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re: Jacory wahsington visiting Bama this weekend? - geauxtigers193
Saban has nobody else to go after that instate Lb is going to Auburn. Wilson said he wasn't going so nobody knows yet. Dupre is not going to bama so Saban is upset that his class has come to an end. If Washington is visiting bama LSU doesn't know anything about it but I'm not worried. Saban is looki...
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re: 2015 4* S Larry Pryor commits to Texas A&M - geauxtigers193
ha ha After LSU, Bama, and Texas come running and the history of the aggies defense some of those recruits will decommit. Don think you will hold those recruits because all the crap Sumlin preaches the defense will be the worse in the SEC again and that's when the decommits will begin. This time y...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Garrett Brumfields last tweet - geauxtigers193
This board needs to closed to outsiders or you will continue to have these problems period. ...
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re: Jimmy Smith story, a possible flip in the works - geauxtigers193
This post has fire to it Smart is going to visit Dwight tomorrow ...
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re: They just said Clifton Garrett is undecided - geauxtigers193
Look nobody anywhere said he decommitted so please stop being paranoid. ...
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re: Does Strong to TX impact J.Adams? - geauxtigers193
I think we will be okay A&M will be the ones worried because that DT 2015 and the 4 star CB. Strong will go after them and probably that five star DE. ...
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re: Brown maybe re-thinking his decision. - geauxtigers193
LSU will move on Brown loves Bama...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Bama... new low in recruiting? - geauxtigers193
Well LSU just has to put more emphasis on OOS recruits and not instate. As far as the initial post I believe it. LC hates LSU because the state has turned on him and look at the Karma of their actions. They lost to Bob Stoops who will dogged the SEC in the media because of Bama. In addition, LC show...
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re: Cry AJ cry - geauxtigers193
[quote]Pure class. Exactly what I expect from an LSU fan. FWIW he has as many national championships as your entire football team has in their history. Have a little respect for a legend. [/quote] The way AJ played tonight I will said 7th round or undrafted :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: 80th Sugarbowl game thread: | Alabama 31 Oklahoma 45 | Final | thx Alabama - geauxtigers193
HA HA HA How do you lose to a big 12 team that was a 14 pt underdog. Instead Landon Collins worrying about where his brother where his brother is going he should have been preparing for the embarrassing a** whooping tonight. :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Gerald Willis asks mom to bring Bama glove to announcement - geauxtigers193
You know what is so funny about this situation some are blaming her but LC did not tell her he was going to Bama. In addition, the other son she has will probably go to LSU as well. ...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Hootie Jones ready to announce? - geauxtigers193
Adams is first with LSU now with that being said Hootie and Adams have been tight at UA practice. So maybe after everything shakes out Hootie might be offered but it depends on Thurs. ...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Espn interviews with Fournette and Adams - geauxtigers193
Look some people on here are paranoid because of LC. The key word is no surprises that means that LF is going to LSU. The media is not expecting any surprises especially our guys on 24/7. Jimmy from NOLA stated that Bo's tweet was a joke. LF will be at LSU so please stop worrying. Bama ain't sayin...
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re: Ponamsky says LSU doesnt want Hootie - geauxtigers193
If ya'll didn't notice Baton Rouge media are always attacking Hootie. First it was the print media in BR now its some clown on the radio in BR. What is wrong with those people? They need to stop with this negative talk for all we know we might not get Adams the way the Gators are talking on their si...
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