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re: Pruitt Ole Miss Rumors - JordonfortheJ
Terrible move especially at this point....
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re: Question about a 3 car collision - Who is at fault? - JordonfortheJ
[quote]He claims that driver 1 slammed on the brakes which caused me to slam on my brakes and there was nothing he could do to avoid the accident[/quote] He could start but not tailgating... If you're not up someone's arse and paying attention you can brake in time.(like you did) He's 100% at fau...
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re: Alabama @ Vanderbilt pre game thread - JordonfortheJ
It's Vanderbilt, we will win at least by 14 pts. Miss St scares me more, but just like Vandy they don't have real good luck against us and neither don't have enough horses to outscore us or a lethal passing qb....
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re: Jalen Hurts is 15-1 as a starter and the catalyst for our win when he entered as a backup - JordonfortheJ
[quote] Who is holding out hope that he fails? [/quote] Probably absolutely no one. Only thing I've seen said was he's a very average passer at best, which isn't wrong, and probably not likely to change. No one wants to see a one dimensional team,(esp against an LSU or Auburn) but no one wishe...
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re: Colorado State is a solid football team. This week will be a nice step up. - JordonfortheJ
[quote]Vanderbilt is being slept on A LOT [/quote] Based on?? They haven't played anyone.. Not saying they aren't a threat in the East, but they haven't proven it yet to jump to the conclusion they are slept on...
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re: Most physical pain you have had? - JordonfortheJ
[quote]When my father was a teen he broke both his arms trying to ride his bike between to trees. Dummy.[/quote] I lold But how? Not like arms were extended.. Must been inches part....
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re: Why do we wear underwear? - JordonfortheJ
[quote] you change your pants/shorts everyday, what purpose are underwear serving? [/quote] People do this? ...
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re: Tennessee 42 vs. Georgia Tech 41 | 2OT FINAL UT wins - JordonfortheJ
:rotflmao: :rotflmao: Ut :casty:...
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re: Does Bama have a TE? - JordonfortheJ
We couldn't get our receivers the ball half of the time, let alone te...
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re: Official Alabama vs Florida State Game Thread - JordonfortheJ
Strange as frick. I've been watching high schoolers (small Podunk towns) the past couple of weeks and they seemingly hit em with ease, yet we can't get a "college"level athlete to hit them...
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Pre Kick off Thread : 3 hours & counting - JordonfortheJ
Where is everyone catching the game tonight? Any who's sponsoring the chow? Bought a new uhd lg 55 and can't wait to see how good it looks. Got some tenders, baked beans, and wings on their way from Tenders. ( Another decent chicken joint if you've never had it)...
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re: Good luck against Free Shoes - UAB question - JordonfortheJ
[quote] I'm pulling for the Tide! [/quote] Yeah, sure dude Eta: my bad thought you were an LSU fan...
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re: OT: Something happening at DCH (Update: Hospital and surrounding area on lockdown) - JordonfortheJ
[quote]Don't Come Here hospital[/quote] Lol. Sure you can say that about a lot of Hospital in the state, outside of the big systems.. Healthcare here just isn't all that. But did they say what happened? ...
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re: Auburn softball in turmoil - JordonfortheJ
[quote]total shite shows[/quote] Not really... They were all good hires. And have had some success from them. Not sure what happened to Galloway, but it was a good here from OU on paper....
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re: Periscope Rules! - JordonfortheJ
Periscope is a live streaming app...like Facebook live. There is no link. ...
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re: 2017 Alabama High School Football Thread - JordonfortheJ
(No Message)...
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