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Favorite team:LSU 
Location:Baker, Louisiana
Biography:Life long Tiger fan
Interests:Tigers in anything they play and fishing
Number of Posts:110
Registered on:7/8/2005
Online Status:Not Online

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re: Any chance of Devery Henderson Coming back? - tigersteve2002
I know Devery had a rough year last year but he always came through in clutch situations. He was huge in the Super Bowl win plus he was never scared to throw a block. Seemed like every year there was always a question if he would be there or not. I think this year the question can be put to rest. Th...
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re: Did the saints run any trick plays in 2012? - tigersteve2002
Surely you was not paying attention. The Defense played tricks on us all season. :whodat: ...
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re: WTH? Is Mettenburger Amish? - tigersteve2002
Maybe he will be the next Grizzly Adams...
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re: Cam Cameron with Hill and Fournette - tigersteve2002
[quote]Expectations a little out of control thus far if you ask me.[/quote] Being an LSU fan our expectations are always out of control...
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re: "I'm coming in with the mindset that this is my first year" Sean Payton - tigersteve2002
I am glad. Maybe he will get rid of trash like he did when he first arrived. Seemed he had a low tolorance for weak play and cut ties with a lot of then before they knew what happened....
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re: Kick off returns question - tigersteve2002
[quote]You remembered incorrectly[/quote] Maybe so but I agree Cadet is terrible. Thats why I asked question....
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Kick off returns question - tigersteve2002
I remember Roby being a key cog on kickoff returns getting great returns. I am not sure if he is still able but it sure as hell seems he was better than anything we have had lately. Just curious why he hasnt been part of the returns. Anybody have a good reason? ...
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re: Seven Players The Saints Will Have No Chance of Drafting - tigersteve2002
[quote]I don't know blues. I think we need to wait until the combine. I really think Mingo, Jordan and Hunts numbers may push them way up the board and let Moore (possibly) or Werner (not as likely) fall to us. [/quote] As much as I like Mingo as a College player, He is to lite for NFL D line. No...
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re: What's the status of Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles, Saints' fans? - tigersteve2002
Jimmy G and Darren S both have nice contributors but honestly I enjoyed seeing the ball passed around against the Bucs. Sometimes last year it seemed we got away from a lot of our receivers and went only to Graham. Great target but spreading it around is what makes this offense tick. The more that's...
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re: Miles needs to let Mett throw at least 40 times this week - tigersteve2002
I have no problem with throwing every down. The O-line has to learn to pass block and the receivers need to catch the dang ball. Simple plan ... Just execute it....
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re: This team has four major issues. - tigersteve2002
The Oline is a problem. Not sure how good those two ends are but we made them All Americans last night. I also expected more from OBJ based off of his play last year but he seems to have mental issues in football terms. Would of loved to see RR with Mett as his QB. Defense is solid....
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re: Mett's run for a first down early in the game was really weak, - tigersteve2002
Being that he is not a spread typ QB that has quick feet he does at least run somewhat. Our past Qb's either ran at first thought or stood there like a tree. I think we have more upside with Mett than previous ones....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: FACT: The whole Country non deep South will boycott BCS Title Game - tigersteve2002
Your issue needs to be directed at ESPN. They got on the soap box for a re-match right after game on 11-5 and never relented.Blame the voters who if nothing else let someone else tell them who to vote for or better yet have a clue whats going on. Also Espn used Bama guys to tell you this without sta...
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re: Top Ten annoying things about yesterday's loss - tigersteve2002
Devery's recieving wasn't bad but the kick off returns he looked scared...
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re: JJ is the starter, and will be unless injured - tigersteve2002
The biggest problem we have is no matter who starts as Quarterback for us is not SEC caliber. Based on what we saw yesterday JL at present looked the better option. For JJ to look so awkward after being the #1 guy all season is nothing to take lightly. Dont matter anyway because it is on Miles to ge...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: How concerned should we be re: LSU bball right now? - tigersteve2002
Other than Taz and Spencer you had nothing returning of substance. The signing class was very weak and a down year was and is expected this year. Johnson is building a long term type of program and not an overnight deal. You may want to wait and ask this question next year after he has a decent clas...
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re: why do people think the Cowboys will be a "test" - tigersteve2002
[quote]re: why do people think the Cowboys will be a "test"[/quote] I think it has more to do with when the game will be played. It will be a prime time game on saturday night so they want to hype it. I actually am scared of the Teams in our division that we have to go to their places more than Dall...
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re: Who do you dislike more Falcons or Cowboys? - tigersteve2002
[quote]They also won once on a Hail Mary.[/quote If that is same year that I am thinking about they did that twice. Bartkowsky was the QB that year if I remember correctly....
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re: If the replay malfunction had happened during a crucial - tigersteve2002
[quote]Or why couldn't the booth just review it instead?[/quote] My thoughts exactly....
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re: Why is Lee so maligned - tigersteve2002
Based on stars and I know a different position but Hester was only a 2 star I believe. The stars are based on what they did among the competition they played against and subject to personal discussion. I hope Lee learns how to use his feet better and that will help him immensely. JJ to me has the mo...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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