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re: Cam akers - Bongi
He used "GO" instead of "GEAUX". He is not a Tiger. Come on down Cam to TigerLand....
Posted on LSU Recruiting
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re: Substitute LSU for USC - Bongi
The players loved Les Miles too. I think they still liked him, but grew tired of doing the same old thing and no possibility of change. Does anyone really dislike Orgeron? Not saying I want him as The head coach. The players love him. He pressed every button off the field that he needed to get this ...
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re: This shortsighted decision has to be about this years recruits. - Bongi
Didn't Alleva say a few years ago something along the effect that he cares more about graduating and developing young men than championships?...
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re: How can one AD find a way to destroy theee programs? - Bongi
Wasn't he talking about this was his legacy and he knew he had to make a homerun hire? Maybe someone needs to explain to him what a homerun is???...
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re: Is Orgeron the Worst hire in LSU's football history ? - Bongi
I look at the times that these hires were made. LSU is a much better program now than when Archer and Hallman were hired. ...
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re: Coach O HC Aranda DC Kiffin OC - Bongi
What if another team offers Kiffin a head coaching job this year? He won't sign anything until January so there is plenty of time for him to be a backup plan. I hope Coach O has a backup plan....
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re: ESPN ticker stating Herman hasn't responded to raise for UH.... - Bongi
[quote]It's funny that UH think money alone will keep him there.[/quote]I don't think they think he will stay. But to keep the fanbase from turning on them, they need to at least make it appear that they are doing everything they can to keep him....
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re: Herman for 5 years or Jimbo for 15? - Bongi
People keep downing Jimbo saying he can only win with a Heisman winning QB. What about Dabo Swinney? What kind of team will he have when DeShaun Watson moves on? They develop these QBs. That's how they get to being mentioned in the Heisman running. Jimbo has a freshman QB starting this year and his ...
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re: Updated ESPN article - "Herman hasn't ruled out an offer from Texas" - Bongi
Probably ESPN stirring it. They want to get viewers. Damn you ESPN....
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re: Footballscoop reporting Texas officials headed down to meet Herman reps - Bongi
The positive is Herman leaving has been talked about for awhile and Houston knows it is very possible. Not like it just came up out of the blue....
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re: **UPDATE** So here's where we stand... - Bongi
I am worried about that "generous out" you mentioned. I know if Jimbo came, he would finish here unless he is fired. I am wondering what Herman intentions are. I prefer Herman, but would be happy with both. Just how soon could we be doing this again if Herman uses it as a stepping stone? Maybe he fa...
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re: Joe Alleva and deputy ADs walk into Texas A&M stadium - Bongi
They aren't going to have another halftime meeting, are they? We know how that turned out last year....
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re: George Schroeder (USA Today) just ripped Alleva on OKC radio - Bongi
What if Jimbo asked Alleva to spread the rumors to get a raise from FSU and Alleva has Tom Herman all lined up? And Coach O was to divert everyone's attention so we wouldn't have a situation like last year. Probably not true, but Alleva could surprise us....
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re: Flashback: LSU Hires Nick Saban for $1.2 Million - Bongi
Maybe Alleva needs to call Mark Emmert and ask him who he should hire. He certainly had it right the 1st time....
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Tom Herman's contract - Bongi
What is Tom Herman's contract at Houston? What do you think it would take to get him to LSU?...
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re: Herman time - Bongi
Tiger ree, who do you want as Head Coach? In 1998, Saban was beaten by Colorado St, Minnesota, and Purdue at Michigan St. 2 years later he is the coach at LSU. At LSU, he lost to UAB on Homecoming. At Bama, he lost to ULM. Fire Saban now. He lost to teams with much less talent. If you ca...
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re: LSU Hitting Coach Candidates - Bongi
What is Todd Walker doing these days?...
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re: Herman would have beat SMU with Saban's players - Bongi
Saban also lost homecoming at LSU against UAB. His mind could be somewhere else. Neither Jimbo or Herman have had good games since they have been mentioned for the LSU job. Could both be distracted?...
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re: Les and Purdue - Bongi
He can take Peveto with him. He is a very good recruiter. He won't be expected to win 10 games a year. If he can win 7 and sometimes 8 games a year, they will be ecstatic. Get them to a bowl every year. I think he can do that. Maybe he will loosen up on his offense and go back to his OSU days. He de...
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re: Rankings make abosolutely NO SENSE. Who puts these things together? - Bongi
Our loss to Wisconsin looks better each week...
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