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Favorite team:New Orleans Saints 
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re: Teams' weak spot - KindOfABigDeal
2nd CB looks worse than it is because teams won't throw at Lewis. With a true #1 corner, why would you test him, they'll throw at the other guy. So, it looks worse bc he's always getting picked on. The safeties are elite and will help the 2nd corner out. White will be just fine at nickel. LB...
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re: LSU Houston Alumni chapter tailgate - KindOfABigDeal
What's the name of that bar or group? Thanks....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: How common or uncommon is this becoming on NFL Rosters? - KindOfABigDeal
I don't know if its common or not. My guess is yes. Scouting and the system is why it works for the Saints....
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re: Kenny Stills Year Two - KindOfABigDeal
I'm not going to defend BTRDD, he's a grown man (I assume), but I understand what he's trying to say. The common theme of all those throws (except the Giants one to Morgan) is that they were all indoors. Drew is a good QB, the system makes him a great one. That's not debatable. However, his weak...
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re: Cooks is NOT a Running Back - KindOfABigDeal
Cooks was drafted to "win" in the passing game. Our WRs didn't win enough which allowed defenses to drop the extra defender in the box or play two high safeties. The extra defender in the box wasn't necessary to stop our run game, it was used to stop our short passing game and screen game. We nee...
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re: Current WRs on Roster & Drafted/Undrafted Players - KindOfABigDeal
I'm hoping the 3 year WR light bulb comes on for Toon this season. He's slightly behind schedule because he didn't have Payton his first year either. Meachem getting cut would be a good sign for the staff's faith in the young-ins. He'll be my marker on the subject. Assuming 5, I'll predict: Co...
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re: Harder to Predict: NCAA Tourney or Draft First Round? - KindOfABigDeal
63 vs 32. But, if you had to get the pick AND the team, because of trades, you could argue that its actually 64 right answers. Surprisingly, I'm actually intrigued by this question....
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re: Backup Quarterback Should We - KindOfABigDeal
I don't know who should be the backup, but the Saints have to pick one. Its idiotic to have three QBs on the active roster. Figure it out boys! My guess is the Saints will let Griffin and McCown battle it out in preseason. What's interesting though is that three years ago, I couldn't care l...
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re: Brees says he feels like he's on "upward tick of his career" - KindOfABigDeal
No need to restructure this year....only $18MM. They need to restructure the following year when it balloons up to something like $26 MM. I'm not exact, I just know there's a big balloon the following season. If you restructure now, those future seasons get larger....
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re: Jimmay Graham is a WR, not TE - KindOfABigDeal
If true about Finley, that's interesting, because they are essentially the same type player. Neither block well, they create mismatches, excellent athletes for their size, etc... What's his contract? Because that should be the market for Graham. Graham is a good player but he wouldn't put up thos...
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re: What's the word on Keenan Lewis? - KindOfABigDeal
Or...... 5) Was given as a gift or a "frick you we won that shit" by one of his many relatives that live in New Orleans after the Super Bowl win...
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re: So Rob Ryan walked out on the Rams...... - KindOfABigDeal
I have no idea what's the truth, but for a team to hire a defensive coordinator, especially a team that is coached by a defensive coordinator, to not know what kind of defense the man was going to run when he just laughable. ...
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re: The Penalty Controversy at the beginning of the Second Half. - KindOfABigDeal
It would be simple to figure out and Saints probably have done some number crunching on it. What is the overall probability throughout the league of getting a first down from starting 1st and 10 vs the probability of getting it from 2nd and 3? My guess would be a much higher probability with a 2nd...
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re: Quote from the losing QB - KindOfABigDeal
Does anyone really give a frick about Cam Newton or what he says? He's irrelevant. He's a slightly above avg QB in the NFL. This isn't college anymore. No one gives a shite about what he did in college. If he wins at this level, he'll become relevant and his antics will be viewed as something pos...
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re: Ed Hochuli "We were stretching our balls." - KindOfABigDeal
(raising hand sheepishly).... I laughed pretty hard.....better than my pissed off mood....
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re: Which Team Could Knock off the Seahawks in the Divisional Round for the Saints? - KindOfABigDeal
If that's the seeding, I'm pulling for a Dallas win and 9er win. I'd rather play Dallas at home again than Carolina for a third time....
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re: The Legion of Boom? - KindOfABigDeal
Go watch a Saints game from the late 80's and look at those dudes. I think it's over 75%. In talking with people who would know that have direct contact with players, they think its higher than that. It's why if Goodell really cared about player safety, that would be the first thing fixed. Very...
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re: falcons are 2-7 I'm not happy - KindOfABigDeal
I love me some Mike Smith. I love him coaching the Falcons. There's some risk in them stumbling into the next Payton. It'll be hard for them to find a dumber coach....real hard....
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re: Were Mett's 2 INTs against Furman also downfield bombs? - KindOfABigDeal
I have no idea who's at fault, but he's trying to throw an out route to Landry who runs a stop. One of those guys is wrong. Looking at the tree, it looks to me like OBJ is clearing for Landry to run the out. If I had to guess, Landry ran the wrong route. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Any Word on Roman Harper? - KindOfABigDeal
[quote] he's a great tackler and blitzer[/quote] In what bizarro world are you talking about? Just because you make a lot of tackles doesn't make you a "great tackler" particularly since you're playing safety. You're supposed to be able to tackle! He's avg, AT BEST, as a tackler. And we know by...
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