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re: Reid: 'Social Security is not part of the problem...'


Well, what will be done is the finish line will get progressively moved to 70, then 72, perhaps as high as 78 or 80, but probably settle in at 75 when it becomes solvent again. The problem will be that SSDI and SSI will have to be completely revamped because pretty much everybody over 60 could make a good case for disability under the current regulations which would take back all of the "savings" realized by moving the finish line.
If Congress moves the finish line for Social Security won't thay have to move the finish line for IRAs and other retirement accounts as well? People have to begin mandatory withdrawals from IRAs during the year in which they turn 70-1/2. Does it make sense to compel retirement withdrawals if the Social Security retirement age is made greater than 70-1/2? Also moving the finish line is going to expose Social Security as a wealth redistribution scheme since those who die before reaching the Social Security retirement age will not recover one cent of their "contributions" even as they were asked to increase their "contributions."

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re: Reid: 'Social Security is not part of the problem...'
Social Security is broke.....the money stolen by the crooks in the U. S. Congress. Rather than address the problem and come up with a real equitable solution that create the incentive to save.....America elects people who perpetuate the thievery.

Poor stupid obama supporters.....they convince themselves the solution is to vote the "crooks" back in power. For them BHO is the solution, since he will steal from those who have and give it to those don't have. Classic marixst modus operandi.

Take the proposal being discussed (seriously) to confiscate all private retirement accounts. This is a done deal....and the Republicans will go along like sheep led to slaughter. [Remember when obama and the democrats use the "R" word the Repubs cringe in fear]. The Labor Department and the Treasury have already iniated discussions on how this "thievery" will occur. Think about this. Obama has maxed out our credit with foreign countries, we've printed "funny money' to the point where inflation is becoming a real problem. Spending, and the deficit is out of control. We're operating without a budget, so we don't know to who, or to what, or where the money is going. So what is the answer for obama and company? Demonize the private retirement system. Play the race card and call the current system a form of white racism. Then execute a money grab of all those trillions of dollars currently held in privately held IRA's, 401k's and "presto chango" the "crooks" suddenly have mountains of money to spend to get themselves re-elected, and feed the obamaheads. So to you taxpayers and patriots who have managed to compile some assets......bend over.

Hell....Homeland Security is even advertising free benefits for immigrants. The dems know they must continue to grow their base in order to stay in power.

Hey....obamaheads this is for you.

But there is an answer for us folk who are tired of having obamaheads sucking off of us.

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re: Reid: 'Social Security is not part of the problem...'

After the first 3 year--that is to say, beginning in 1940--you will pay, and your employer will pay, 1.5 cents for each dollar you earn, up to $3,000 a year. This will be the tax for 3 years, and then, beginning in 1943, you will pay 2 cents, and so will your employer, for every dollar you earn for the next 3 years. After that, you and your employer will each pay half a cent more for 3 years, and finally, beginning in 1949, twelve years from now, you and your employer will each pay 3 cents on each dollar you earn, up to $3,000 a year. That is the most you will ever pay.


On January 1st it will be 12.4%.

They have always lied to us.

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re: Reid: 'Social Security is not part of the problem...'
For someone who is so willing to compromise, he seems to be more than happy publicly outlining what he considers off limits.

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re: Reid: 'Social Security is not part of the problem...'
Myth? Look at the 2012 annual report. SS goes broke if nothing is done. Principal exhausted in 2033.

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