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A Really Special Flake

This morning I was fixing myself a bowl of Special K Oats and Honey cereal and as I was pouring the cereal into my bowl I grabbed a few and ate them dry and as I reach into the box for a few more I noticed something a bit large in the box. I reached in and pulled it out and was amazed to find one single flake so big I just had to measure it. It measures three inches across!

Now THAT"S a Special flake!!!

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re: A Really Special Flake
Certainly a treasure to be passed down for generations... Congrats!

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re: A Really Special Flake
No Virgin Mary no care.

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re: A Really Special Flake

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re: A Really Special Flake
Looks like Northern Africa.


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re: A Really Special Flake
Regardless of what anyone else may say, I am impressed.

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re: A Really Special Flake
I have found a few big flakes like that before also in the Special K oats and honey. I love that stuff

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