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Mel Kiper 2.0 Saints Selection

Kiper's latest (2/7) 2013 selection for the Saints in 2013 draft: Sharrif Floyd


Analysis: Few players finished the season on a higher note. Floyd was a star out of high school, and has moved around a bit on the defensive line. Because he has some decent pass-rushing skills, and a lot of quickness for his frame, Florida had him over the tackle and the benefit was clear. Floyd had great lower-body strength and can drive O-lineman into the pocket, but he also has powerful hands and moves well to disengage and come free. The Saints are desparate for help on the defensive line, and Floyd can provide balance, as a big, powerful pass-rusher who knows how to identify and use leverage against the run.

Sorry if someone got it first (Insider Link)


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re: Mel Kiper 2.0 Saints Selection

Has solid dimensions, would make for a nice 3-4 book end. Would this selection mean we're likely to keep Hicks more on the interior?

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re: Mel Kiper 2.0 Saints Selection

please post the top 15 at least

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re: Mel Kiper 2.0 Saints Selection

I think we have greater needs for a linebacker, but we just need to draft defensive BPA

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