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Favorite team:New Orleans Saints 
Location:Democratic Party
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Registered on:1/22/2012
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re: Jahri Evans new salary numbers - higgsBoson
Yall do realize the Graham trade and all the cuts were done to give us cap flexibility in the future. We were technically in cap hell, but Loomis just crawled us out. ...
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re: If LSU had to shut down for a year... - higgsBoson
[quote]not going to happen. scare tactics being used to get more money. there's alot of dead weight that needs to be cut at LSU [/quote] What could you possibly be talking about? ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Yahoo Sports Mock:Resetting after Free Agency - higgsBoson
I think these first two rounds would be really good for us. I love the idea of going DGB at 31. He has massive talent. I guess it's a slight gamble given his personal history, but I don't think he is beyond repair because another Power 5 team took a chance on him. I'm not in love with Ray, but I lov...
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re: The 2015 Off-Season: The year of Leadership and Class - higgsBoson
You have to get things right. You basically have this offseason and next. After that, you won't have enough time to fix the roster before Brees is on his way out. So I think that adding veterans is not a bad idea right now. Getting guys who know how to win like Browner and Unger is a smart move. We'...
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re: Won't the Jimmy G trade hurt Seattle's salary cap situation? - higgsBoson
They know they are about to be in Salary Cap hell, but who cares. They added an elite player. This is great for them. You have to strike while the iron is hot....
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re: Draft Express top 100 prospects updated daily: Jarell Martin - higgsBoson
[quote]I don't get this financial need crap? If he didn't NEED it the two years he was on campus whats one more? Never could understand that especially the FB players who say this and aren't ready lol makes no sense what so ever.[/quote] If you come from a poor family there's a lot of pressure to...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Your team loses 4 football games this season.. What is your fan reaction? - higgsBoson
[quote]We were 8 points away from playing for another natty (Would have been our 4th in 6 years) We won the best conference in America. We hauled in a top recruiting class. Yet somehow, there is definite cause for concern with the direction the program is heading. If people like him want to live in ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Program similarities between LSU & Texas - higgsBoson
Austin isn't LA or NY, but it's a very cool city with a ton to offer. Compared to most college towns it's way ahead. So saying Austin is incredible in this argument is pretty valid. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Is Dennis Allen our HCIW? - higgsBoson
I think it's more likely that Allen is here to get back on his feet after a failure as a head coach. He'll be here for a year or two before he takes a DC job somewhere else. ...
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re: Chances We Draft a WR in Rd. 1 - higgsBoson
[quote]you think we drafted cooks to be a #2? [/quote] This has been debated before, but Cooks could still be our best receiver and not warrant the "#1 WR" role. That tag is usually what people mean when they say a WR who can run every route and who plays outside. Cooks is not that guy. Graham is...
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re: 2016 LA top 10 football recruits - higgsBoson
[quote]Posted by higgins how/why is allen so big on bama? where is the disconnect with lsu? is it beacuse of jt curtis? i mean, shit, we put OL in the nfl. [/quote] We really don't put that many OL in NFL compared to other positions we put out and definitely not compared to Bama. ...
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re: 2016 LA top 10 football recruits - higgsBoson
[quote]well said. My thoughts exactly. I wonder if the staff presses for commits early and moves on from the flaky kids to avoid a 2 for 5 situation?[/quote] I think so. This staff recruits OOS better than the staff in 2014, and I think they will fill in the holes OOS. ...
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re: 2016 LA top 10 football recruits - higgsBoson
Willie Allen looks like Bama for sure. Patterson to Ole Miss. We only get one of the top 3 in LA, but I think we will get some good OOS guys. WR isn't a huge concern with the young talent we have in 2014, 2015, and already in 2016. Patterson loss sucks, but we have Franks, so there's a silver lining...
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re: Calling "Caddo" need Sean Patterson info.... - higgsBoson
[quote]You can't say Mett is a proven NFL QB. He is 0-6. Maybe he will be a great, maybe not, but you cannot say at this point he was groomed to be a great NFL player.[/quote] And there's also a decent chance Tennessee will draft a system QB in Mariota to replace him. It's hard to beat number 2 p...
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re: 2015 QB Class is all Pro Style - higgsBoson
With Lewis' ACT score he should have gone to Harvard or another Ivy League. Or at least a public school with better academics. No idea why a guy with his stats would come to LSU. I had a friend with much less academic stats go to Dartmouth to play football. Had no future in football, but got a great...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Bleacher report not happy with our class - higgsBoson
Last Year's Stats: LB: Beckwith: 77 total tackles, 2 sacks, 1 INT, 7.5 TFL, Jr. Debo: 27 Total Tackles, 0 sacks, 0 INT, 3.5 TFL Year: Sr. Louis: 29 Total Tackles, 0 sacks, 0 INT, 2.5 TFL Year: Sr. Riley: 20 Total Tackles, 0 sacks, 0 INT, 0 TFL, Year: Jr. Garrett: DNP Year: RS Fr. Alexander:...
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re: Bleacher report not happy with our class - higgsBoson
I'm not going to lie, I don't disagree with what they are saying. The lack of DL and LB recruits is unacceptable and it falls purely on the previous defensive staff. Key was a huge get, but we needed to at least have 5 DL and LB in this class and we got 2. I think they did a good job of getting s...
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re: 5-6 out of 21 current commits on defensive side of ball... - higgsBoson
[quote]Key, Tolliver, Jackson, Lewis, Cutrer will all have significant playing time. What werethe positions of need on Defense other than DL ad a LB that we didn't get? We still might get Leo Lewis and next years LB crop is a bit better. You don't have to get an equal balace every year. [/quote] ...
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re: Feleipe Franks Appreciation Thread - higgsBoson
[quote]His height and mobility are big pluses. His arm strength is the better of the two and taking snaps from under center isn't something new for him. However, you can definitely tell he's a pitcher by his throwing motion so that could use some work. [/quote] I think that Franks and Patterson...
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re: Extra coach limit hasn't been proposed per Alleva - higgsBoson
[quote]Posted by HeavyCore Isn't Jindal slashing higher education again this year for $300 million? [/quote] That has nothing to do with the Athletic Department. The Athletic Department is self sufficient and receives no money from the state or the school. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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