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Speaker lays out agenda for N.C.'s new GOP supermajority

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On voter ID legislation…

Among the first controversial items on lawmakers' plates when they return to Raleigh will be a bill to require photo identification to vote, Tillis said. The House and Senate passed a voter ID bill last year, but it was vetoed by Gov. Beverly Perdue and Republicans couldn't muster the votes to override it.

But it won't play out like that this year. A bill will be filed early in the session and move quickly, Tillis said.

"There's no question that (Gov.-elect Pat McCrory) will have a voter ID bill to sign or pass into law, probably by the April timeframe," he said.

The bill will be different than the one considered last year. Lawmakers, Tillis said, are looking at court cases around ID laws in other states and tweaking the legislation accordingly.

"We want to implement it in a thoughtful way that makes it less likely that it's going to be subjected to a legal challenge," Tillis said. "It may even come in two parts and we're working through that now."


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