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Close Ones

A bunch of guys got together to watch the last week's games today. Two buddies were in tight battles. One guy's championship came down to total points for the year since they all had the same record. He had an 8 point lead on one guy and 11 on the other. One of the guys had Austin and one had Bryant. Both players get injured and he wins by one damn total point: 1251-1250. Another buddy tied for 2nd place. First two get money back. He won his game by three-tenths of a point to finish in 2nd.
What you got?

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re: Close Ones

WTF did I just read?

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re: Close Ones

Our Championship was combined total of two weeks (Week 16 & 17). I didn't go ahead until Alfred Morris scored on the TD w/ 1:09 to go in last night's game.

As it stands, I won by 2.5 points. However, my league is showing no "stat corrections" for week's 16 & 17. I'm in a crazy scoring league that uses defensive flex players. There are usually 2-3 points worth of correction every week for sorting out solo vs combination tackles, sacks, and the always fun offensive player awarded a tackle during a turnover(0.5 pts).

So, my league has yet to officially declare a winner. We expect to know tomorrow.

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