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Alternative to secession

How about we fix stuff on a local and state level by voting in people who will represent us properly and voting out those who don't. Starting with our state re-negotiaiting with the Feds for louisiana to keep more of our oil royalties. Maybe we could have the money to thenhave an improved education system and decent infrastructure.

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re: Alternative to secession

We have had decades to do what you propose, why do you think any bit of difference would be made today?

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re: Alternative to secession

Improve the education system that is sending home Obama fliers with 1st graders stating they will lose their free lunch if their parents vote for Romney.

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re: Alternative to secession

Kinda like swimming across the Mississippi River, C. Once you get halfway, too late to change your mind; one bank is just as far as the other.

States don't need to seccede; they just need to do what Obama does, and IGNORE Law that he don't agree with. Like not even offering a budget; or defending the border and enforcing immigration law.

If enough of a State's citizenry agreed to the temporary transitional 'discomfort' , they'd make it through to the other end. Regardless...there'll be discomfort either way; just a matter of whether power is local...or comes from way off.

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re: Alternative to secession

In my opinion, we don't need political parties. They are nothing more than glorified gangs in my opinion. And to further refine things, make illegal the glorified bribery of political lobbies and PAC's.

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