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New snl tonight

Jaime fox is hilarious and Charlie day makes a cameo in an lsu hat

Fox Mulder
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re: New snl tonight
That skit was funny

Disappointed Wanda didn't make an appearance.

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Ryne Sandberg
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re: New snl tonight

Charlie day makes a cameo in an lsu hat

i missed that????

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re: New snl tonight
It was purple and gold and you could make out the tiger on it

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re: New snl tonight
how black is that?

where jupiter?

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re: New snl tonight
I'm not a huge fan of Jamie Foxx. However, I will concede that his talent lifted that episode from "total bucket of horse shit" to "man, what a suck-ass episode".

I don't think there was one memorable moment.

Mrs. Claus was kind of funny.

Funniest episode of "J-Pop America Fun Time Now" (Thanks in part to Foxx)

What happened to Kate McKinnon? She got nothing this week.

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re: New snl tonight
SNL was awful last night. The first 2 skits almost seemed like they were thrown together an hour before the show.

quail man
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re: New snl tonight
serious old are y'all?

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re: New snl tonight
I haven't watched SNL since probably '06 or '07. Sounds like I haven't been missing much.

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re: New snl tonight
SNL is very hit or miss. I went into last night's episode expecting it to be very good, seeing as it's Christmas and they have a host as talented/relevant as Jamie Foxx.

Unfortunately it was pretty disappointing. It's hard to understand how they can't deliver with Foxx but they bring in Bruno Mars to host his first time ever and that episode was actually pretty damn funny though I'm not a fan of Bruno Mars' music.

Kayhill Brown
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re: New snl tonight
I enjoyed the Maine skit.

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