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re: Is having a credit score really necessary?


I have a sick child and medical collections pop up on my credit report continuously (a whole other thread).

Have you ever looked into getting medical collections removed through the HIPAA process? I don't know what it entails exactly but have heard of people getting them removed that way. I had a medical collection on my report and called the collection agency and did a "pay for delete", where I paid what I supposedly owed them and they removed their entry from the credit bureaus.

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re: Is having a credit score really necessary?
To the OP, I assume you have a bad credit score, and that's why you're asking. If you've ever bought anything on credit, you have a credit scored like it or not. But with your house paid for, why do you care?


Every insurance you buy now is partially based on your credit score.

This is the answer. I used to work for an insurance company. They run your credit during the underwriting process. A high score will put you with the good company line your insurance company sells, and you will save money.

I have no debt besides the mortgage that I qualified for many years ago. Why do I appreciate my good credit rating? Because it saves me money on inusrance. It gets me a lower credit card interest rate. No, I don't carry a balance-EVER, but if I did need to do so one random month, I'd save money.

In this day, unless you live in a cave, you should not ignore your credit score.

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