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Favorite team:LSU 
Biography:LSU Graduate
Interests:All things LSU
Number of Posts:4803
Registered on:9/7/2007
Online Status:Not Online

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re: NFL bans players with domestic violence, sexual assault convictions from combine - wrlakers
[quote]Isn't that somewhat discriminatory?[/quote] Discrimination is not illegal. It's only if the discrimination is based on a protected classification such a race or gender. Perfectly legal to discriminate against people who have been found guilty of crimes. ...
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re: Browns set to release Manziel in March - wrlakers
[quote]Has he become the new Tebow for the media? Instead of "Why won't any team sign this guy?" it's "Let's follow this frickup every moment off the field." [/quote] Johnny is the anti-Tebow. With Tebow, the non-football knowledgeable crowd thought Tebow should be playing in the NFL because of t...
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re: Harry Coleman in Major League Football - wrlakers
[quote]Utah Stand[/quote] What is that supposed to mean? ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Blake Griffin Broke His Hand Hitting a Member of the Clippers Staff - wrlakers
[quote]Any other profession in the world, he'd be fired for that. But for some reason, we give a shite about actors and athletes and they get a pass? Stupid.[/quote] Not sure why no mention of this. [quote]Reportedly upset over an unpaid $600 debt, former teammate IK Enemkpali delivered a suc...
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re: If you (an LSU Fan) win the powerball... - wrlakers
[quote]That is a nice thought, but I am convinced that any increase in donations to the university would immediately be offset by funding cuts from the legislature and the governor. Making a donation to LSU would not help the university, it would only transfer some of the cost of funding it from the...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: How long does it take your Commish to payout? - wrlakers
[quote]How long does it take your Commish to payout?[/quote] It varies. But I've been thinking about this topic since an earlier post complaining that the commish did not pay out within 24 hours. Our commissioner has not paid out. In our league, it's a process, and no one rushes it. First...
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re: FFL Trophy Advice - wrlakers
Here is the link to the one we have. We put our league logo on the front (and it looks bad ass) and then have small plaques on the sides and back of the base--I want to say there are nine on each side for a total of 27. [link=(
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re: So the commissioner of my friend's league isn't paying up... - wrlakers
OP, anything less than a week is too soon to worry. However, anyone who messes with the settings to try to produce a win should not be a commissioner or a friend. Setting aside the money issue, you now have enough information to know that the person you trusted (with commissioner access) is ...
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re: Texas spends a ton of money on high school football. - wrlakers
[quote]Crazy high property taxes[/quote] Well, I guess it's all how you look at it. If I paid state income tax in Louisiana, the state income tax would be approximate 1 1/2 times the amount I paid last year for property taxes. So, although I have to pay that lump sum at year end, I'd rather do ...
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re: Do people sell tickets outside the Deaf Dome? - wrlakers
Wear LSU gear and someone will give you tickets. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Who else is sick of Peyton Manning ads? - wrlakers
[quote]Who else is sick of Peyton Manning ads? by WhiznotGet that ugly dork off my TV.[/quote] With all the inane crap on television, it boggles my mind to read that a Peyton Manning commercial bothers you so much you were compelled to start a thread about the topic. A novel concept is to us...
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re: The best name for a specific play? - wrlakers
Flea flicker ...
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re: Scoring question - wrlakers
[quote] However I was penalized 2 points for Emanuel Sanders fumbled punt yesterday. [/quote] The commissioner has to override this. The same thing happened earlier this year when Travis Benjamin (I think) muffed a punt. CBS doesn't know not to score it. Just have the commish override. You ca...
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re: Trade: is this collusion? - wrlakers
[quote]Is this a dynasty league? If it isn't eliminated teams shouldn't be able to trade And if it is they shouldn't be able to trade this late in the season.[/quote] This is the answer. And making up rules as you go is not a good idea. I see a big hubbub and lots of hurt feelings for the ow...
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re: Am I wrong to contemplate benching Hopkins for Martavious Bryant? - wrlakers
[quote]If I could, I would start all 4 of the big Pitt studs. [/quote] This is never a good idea. Guy in my league drafted Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, and Eddie Lacy--and maybe also Pack D. He's last in the league and has no chance to make playoffs. Last week, I started Ben Roth and D...
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re: This year is the year of the back up RB's! - wrlakers
[quote]Anyone else having success with back up rb's?[/quote] Me. Now starting Rawls and DeAngelo Williams in place of Marshawn Lynch and Carlos Hyde. Didn't draft Rawls or Williams, but got lucky with timely waiver wire claims. Also have Blue who has filled in admirably on bye weeks. Blue...
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re: Should Commissioner Step In? - wrlakers
Dear Pot, Before you call the kettle black, you might want to take a look in the mirror. Cheating includes collusion between two teams. An example of collusion is two teams agreeing to a trade back of traded players. In my league, anyone who cheats--and that would include you, lionward201...
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re: Official I hate Fantasy Football thread - wrlakers
[quote]Tader has lost [/quote] :wah: Before you whine too much, think about the Baltimore Ravens. I feel sorry for them, but not you. I won the year Terrell Davis (my No. 1) went down in the second game. The guy who drafted Trent Green in 2000 won after he grabbed Kurt Warner off the w...
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re: Where is Antonio Gates? - wrlakers
Rivers deserved it. Now is Gates going to be banned from touching the ball?...
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re: What do you do when a trade rape is allowed to go through? - wrlakers
[quote]Dawgsontop34[/quote] This so-called friend is a POS. You need to re-examine your decision to befriend them. Remember, you are judged by the company you keep. To prevent this from recurring, do this: 1. Ban both participants from the league; 2. Impose a fee for each loss; 3. I...
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