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re: how do i go about consolidating student loans

Seems like MIL was the smartest of all. Take out the loans and find some sucker to marry her daughter and then it's his problem.

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re: how do i go about consolidating student loans
It's times like these where I'm thankful that my wife had about 16k in mutual funds and about 4k in an ira when we got married. Not that that is some big trust fund, but it showed her financial habit of saving to me. I couldn't imagine starting marriage in a 50k hole that I didn't know about.

I understand loans for professional school/grad school. Hopefully she got a high income degree with that money.

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re: how do i go about consolidating student loans

For a private school

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re: how do i go about consolidating student loans

Federal Loan Consolidation

I'm about to shoot these motherfrickers.

They screwed up consolidating my loans so one didn't get lumped in. I started the process back in March 2012 and the considation went though in June/July. Finally, in October/November, they paid off Sallie Mae after 3 attempts at doing so, but guess what? THEY LOST THE LOAN. So now, there is a loan floating around in the nether with no servicer and they can't find it. I got them to finally figure out that they lost it in December. Since of course, they figured I was the one who messed up. They tell me wait a month and call back (I have all the companies on the conference call). My future servicer says they've heard the government has botched a bunch of these and it takes SIX MONTHS to fix.

So if you believe in government, go frick yourself.
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