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Read 8 damning emails from behind the scenes of the Healthcare.gov meltdownhikingfan 69/19 8:39 am
by MMauler
Who could have predicted it?doubleb 189/19 8:36 am
by MichiganTiger
So now that Scotland is staying, what about the important one?WeeWee 49/19 8:16 am
by sec13rowBBseat28
Police assume black woman is prostitute because she is sexing a white guy. (Page 1 2 3 4 5)Asgard Device949/19 7:48 am
by BugAC
Kansas GOP trying to force Democrats to field candidate in senate electionToddy 189/19 7:34 am
by Ham Malone
B-52s at Barksdale...a coincidence? (Page 1 2 3 4 5)Zach 839/19 12:16 am
by beebefootballfan
HA! Uncle sam!darkhorse49/18 11:54 pm
by northshorebamaman
TSA tries to detain passenger for additional screening AFTER completing flight (Page 1 2)Golfer 329/18 11:41 pm
by Volvagia
Just got an alert Obama's making a statement tonightudtiger 149/18 11:04 pm
by idlewatcher
voter fraud in independence vote (Page 1 2)McChowder 269/18 11:00 pm
by idlewatcher
Another Global Heat Record Broken... (Page 1 2)lsuroadie 279/18 10:29 pm
by davesdawgs
Truth is one of the ethics principles for the NSA as told by the honest Clapperthetempleowl39/18 10:19 pm
by Paluka
Why would the Dems block Cruz's bill revoking U.S. citizenship of terrorists? (Page 1 2)Da Sheik 279/18 9:01 pm
by Zahrim
Gap Between Manhattan’s Rich and Poor Is Greatest in U.S., Census FindsSentrius 139/18 8:56 pm
by Rickety Cricket
FSU benches Winston for making an offensive comment about women (Page 1 2 3 ... 7 8 9)DawgfaninCa 1649/18 8:34 pm
by ClydeFrog
Spending is the problem (Page 1 2 3)danjones409/18 8:21 pm
by Robin Masters
Who else is tired of hearing the phrase 'boots on the ground?'weagle99139/18 7:23 pm
by LongueCarabine
Joe Biden refers to Asia as "The Orient", and weak people are outraged (Page 1 2 3)HailHailtoMichigan! 439/18 7:06 pm
by Tigah in the ATL
Congressional Debate on Isis/Isil PolicyRollTide4Ever 129/18 6:59 pm
by goatmilker
Senatorial Betting Odds.....TJG210 59/18 5:21 pm
by TJG210

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