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re: TD 360 Dynasty [Week 1 - Adv. Aug. 3rd @ 7 PM]
Rick- just got home and bought the game. Need to play a practice first- any new things/ tips for this year?

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re: TD 360 Dynasty [Week 1 - Adv. Aug. 3rd @ 7 PM]
Yep learn to play defense because a retarded child could score touch downs on this years game.

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re: TD 360 Dynasty [Week 1 - Adv. Aug. 3rd @ 7 PM]
Yea, what JAE said. Look for a defense that works about 30-40% of the time for you. Likely, the person that loses is the person that doesn't score every possession though. Hope they tune the intelligence of the DBs a bit. I'm sick of the fricking slants, curl unders, and trips TE posts working EVERY frickING TIME as unstoppable plays. Played some fig last night that was Oregon. Spread 4-5 wide every down, went for it on fourth no matter what, and onside kicked every time. I slowed the game down with a power run to limit his possessions and kept him to 3-7 and 1-5 on 3/4 down conversions. Still, I had three bull shite INTs and lost by 6. I don't mind losing but not like that.

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