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Who's got one? How do you like it? Got some fantasy football earnings to play around with. How much do I need to spend on a decent one? 500? 1000?

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re: Kegerators
You can build them for under $200 if you have the fridge. I built mine 5 years ago and its still works great. Do a google search for kegerator kits.

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re: Kegerators
Yeah, better off building one. Seen some that fit two corny kegs.

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re: Kegerators
Bought one for my dad for Christmas from bestbuy. Was a good purchase for 500$.

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re: Kegerators
My wife got me the summit sbc500 stainless steel kegarator and so far I love it. Side question, where can I find the best variety of kegs in New Orleans. I got the first one from elios, any other good or better places for different kegs?

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re: Kegerators

Build one and save your money. All you need is a donor fridge or freezer.

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re: Kegerators
I have a commercial keg one and it's pretty badass, and I built a 4-tap homebrew kegerator out of an inherited freezer, it works great as well.

I don't use the commercial keg one currently, but it's a perfect size for a fermentation fridge.

If I had a commercial keg I could just switch over a few fittings and put in in the homebrew one, but I'd only be able to fit two more homebrew kegs.

Bottom line, solid purchase.

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