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re: The Reinvention of Zach Mettenberger

This is an impossible request; but if Mettenburger has a couple bad games, can we (the Rant) simply just call them bad games?

He's had three great games against TCU, UAB and Kent.

So if, by chance, he:
-holds the ball too long
-tosses into double coverage
-doesn't progress though all of his recievers

.....please just leave it at that. And by all means, don't let articles like this pump him up to be the next LSU Heisman one minute, then a bad game makes Anthony Jennings the next all-star backup that should be in for Mett.

Things go to extremes, these days. Just remember that these guys are 18 to 24 years old.

No one in this thread has suggested what I say may happen. But we all know that all SEC fans place a bit too much emphasis on one guy.

He had a great, great game against Alabama, last year. Though we lost, we came away from that game with a huge amount of respect for him, against world history's greatest-ever defense of all time....better than any NFL defense you could ever imagine.

Stay positive....... eta: ......all year.

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re: The Reinvention of Zach Mettenberger

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re: The Reinvention of Zach Mettenberger


Overall, the offense didn't look much different, and the passing-game problems appeared to be a symptom of a larger issue with LSU's approach.

This. I think that the problems Mett, the o-line and receivers faced last year were the result of coaching philosophy and a failure to adapt, offensively, to the talents that Mett brought to the table.

Saying this, though, only is meant as a compliment to Miles because he was actually able to identify that problem and fix it by turning over the keys to Cameron.

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re: The Reinvention of Zach Mettenberger


The difference is our OL and WRs.

And RB's reading blitzes and/or chipping DEs.

Thanks Cam.

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re: The Reinvention of Zach Mettenberger

Very well developed article.

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