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Different strokes...a great muff is a Top 5 or better sandwich for me, along with an oyster poboy, RB poboy and a grilled cheese. Don't know what the other is right now.

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re: Muff~~~~It's What's For Lunch!
Look, it's like anything else. To each his own! I like olive salad and they make a fantastic one that I love. I'm sure if I had put this sandwich in front of any of you you would MAKE it fit in your mouth and you would definitly enjoy it even if you thought it had too much meat and cheese and olive salad on it.

Now, actually they do warm it if you want it warmed. Me, I don't like sweaty Italian meats so I had her warm just the bread and I got it with extra meat. Yeah, it might have been fine as a regular muffaletta but I've been craving on for a couple of weeks and decided to go all the way with it. Don't knock it til you try it and I bet you'll be hard pressed to find one a whole lot better.

BTW, if you go there tell them that you saw their muffaletta on a food forum. I told them I was going to post these pictures.

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