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re: Blind Melon underrated

Yeah I don't think people consider them a 1 hit wonder, but I guess they did really only have 1 hit song.

Their two LP's are amazing and it's a damn shame that Shannon isn't still here. I can't imagine the great work that would have come about. He was a great song writer.

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re: Blind Melon underrated


Who the hell considers them a one hit wonder?

One Hit Wonder Central

"Conversely, other British acts such as Wang Chung, Breathe and Murray Head, as well as the Anglo-Australian duo Air Supply, are one-hit wonders in the UK but not in the US, and the American group 3T, best known in their homeland as being the three sons of Tito Jackson of The Jackson 5, along with other bands such as Blind Melon and Deep Blue Something, are one-hit wonders in the US but not in the UK."

Most people couldn't name a song by them besides "No Rain" and possibly "Change"

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re: Blind Melon underrated

Great band. Soup and Change are two of my favorites of all time. Holyman, Walk, St Andrews Fall, Time....the list goes on.

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re: Blind Melon underrated

One of my favorite bands, probably top 3. Very underrated. No Rain doesn't even scratch the surface of them. Shannon Hoon could piece together a melody with the best of them.
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