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re: N. Korea missile tests...


we need a nation to play Boogey Man to drum up fear, and thus millitary action/spending support.

Except that we've been at war with North Korea for over 60 years. If anything, the threat from the DPRK has been put on the back burner by too many administrations. Also, we're scaling back our military operations here, as the ROK forces are set to take over their own command in two years.

So tell me again how we're drumming up fear, or is this just another exaggeration by you in this thread?

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re: N. Korea missile tests...
Check list
1. Figure out how to build a rocket that will successfully hit USA with a payload.
2. Build a reliable nuclear weapon.
3. Miniaturize nuc.
4. Combine step 1-3
5. Blow up L.A./SF
6. Kiss my NK arse goodbye.
7. California becomes a red state.
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