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Killian LA
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re: 2 Sugar Bowl Tickets for sale

OK..that's the sale run thru ticketmaster...not re-newable seats...and the cost is higher due to the ticketmaster fees

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Death Valley
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re: 2 Sugar Bowl Tickets for sale


just sold my plaza pair Sec. 113 on stubhub for $744.60 NET

Im sure you did, just sold mine for 3200 net, see how easy that was..

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re: 2 Sugar Bowl Tickets for sale

I sold ours also and came out ahead, but if this guy had tickets on Row 8, then YES, he sold them for $438 each on December 2nd netting to the PENNY what he stated.

A pair on row 6 sold for $564 each the same day. The better club seats hold their value early on regardless of team as they have every year.

Terrace tickets not so much. And yes these same seats will be practically given away on game day. But that isn't today and I've sure Louisville wants tickets before they book their flights and hotels.

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