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re: First Bisexual Congresswoman elected

So, this chick kinda thinks other girls are sexy sometimes, has been seen to dance with other girls on the dancefloor, once experimented with her college roommate and thought it was cool, now she likes to call herself "bisexual" to see how much attention she get.

Half of all young women today could probably justify calling themselves bisexual. What exactly is a bisexual girl? A girl who kissed another girl and liked it?

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re: First Bisexual Congresswoman elected


Bisexual are usually not viewed very kindly in the Gay community.

Women aren't bisexual, they are either:

A. having hot, toe-curling sex with both men and women;
B. committed non-strap-on, anti-dildo dykes (these are the man-hating cockaphobes);
C. committed strap-on dykes (they don't do men, but they aren't man-hating cockaphobes, either), or;
D. in a constant state of denial/repression, are no fun at all, and lead boring, unsatisfied lives.

This is a scientific fact. I've done the research.

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re: First Bisexual Congresswoman elected

I would hit it

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