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re: Rep. Alan West Nails It! : Re Job "Numbers"


U6 holds steady at 14.7%
114,000 jobs (will be revised down) added.
But out of the clear blue the "household survey" rises 873,000.
I've been following this report for 20+ years. The numbers do not add up. This 7.8% is fake.

And you can bet the Romney campaign will have the best economists and stat analysts studying every line of all the tables over the weekend. Not sure Obama would not have been smarter to settle on 8.0% now and 7.9% for October, or even 7.9% now. The actual drop is 0.32% (8.111% to 7.795%), which means they didn't even have to use rounding to get to the 0.3% drop. By making it "unbelievably good", they made it unbelievable. If R&R play this right, they can completely neutralize its effect on the election.

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