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Kiffin is talking just like Saban in his FAU presser

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by Hot Carl
Hot Carl 2312/14 7:55 am
Supermoto Tiger

Canada's offense: an infographic

by emanresu
emanresu 1112/14 7:53 am

So what happened to not naming OC till after bowl game?

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by Salmon
Salmon 2012/14 9:00 am

Can someone please post that pic again of Pitts offensive stats from last year

by cbtullis
cbtullis 412/14 7:25 am

Is it a given that Moffitt will still be the S&C coach........

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31TIGERS 3412/14 7:18 am
The Dude's Rug

The problem with LSU fans is......

by tiger nutz
tiger nutz 1712/14 8:47 am
Topwater Trout

The Coaching Name Game!

by Enadious
Enadious 1312/14 7:31 am

O Canada

by Mako_fin
Mako_fin612/14 6:38 am

Kiffin would have returned to Bama if he did not get the FAU job

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by tke857
tke857 6512/14 6:19 am

Who's Next?

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by DeltaDoc
DeltaDoc 2012/14 6:10 am

Canada WR stats, how well does he spread the ball?

by toughcrittercrumb
toughcrittercrumb 1912/14 1:59 am
Tiger Tracker

Will LSU focus more on the passing game now?

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by tiggerthetooth
tiggerthetooth 2212/14 1:37 am
Tiger Tracker

Look at This Beautiful Run Play Design...

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by nola000
nola000 5212/14 1:05 am
smash williams

Canada loves the jet sweep

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by Broseph Barksdale
Broseph Barksdale2312/13 11:49 pm

Canada and Bielema had issues over control of the offense

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by cas4t
cas4t 2012/13 11:26 pm

Canadian is code for

by pensacola
pensacola 212/13 10:47 pm

OL Coach

by LSU4Life12
LSU4Life12 1012/13 10:28 pm

Matt Canada Mic'd Up

by MastrShake
MastrShake 1012/13 10:05 pm

Big 10 Coaching Tree

by Soft_Parade
Soft_Parade612/13 8:59 pm

What Pitt fans are saying right now

by Servedinafghanistan
Servedinafghanistan 312/13 8:51 pm

Canada hasnt even been hired..

by 75helpmacpack
75helpmacpack 1012/13 10:40 pm

Offensive highlight/hype videos

by higgins
higgins 212/13 8:17 pm

Pittsburgh Sports reporting done deal

by birdboy
birdboy 512/13 8:14 pm

Nice read on Canada's career...rather impressive at most stints!

by lsuag88
lsuag88 212/13 8:04 pm

Bruce Feldman reporting LSU closing in on a deal with Matt Canada

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by GCTiger11
GCTiger11 3612/13 7:50 pm

Why didn't Canada follow Beliema to Arkansas?

by lsuag88
lsuag88 812/13 7:38 pm

Why not Tee Martin?

by 6pack
6pack 1512/13 7:33 pm
El Campo Tiger

Is Canada a press box guy or a sideline guy?

by radicalizedtigah
radicalizedtigah 912/13 7:32 pm

Canada is kind of a Done Deal

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by El Campo Tiger
El Campo Tiger 2012/14 9:08 am
El Campo Tiger

Interesting read from the Pitt board

by damnstrongfan
damnstrongfan 1412/13 7:25 pm
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