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The Saints were not going to make any real noise

MoreOrLes LSU fan1212/7 5:21 pm
by Sleazy E

SAINTS still statistically possible to win the Superbowl this year

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Breesus Saints fan2612/7 5:05 pm
by Kafka

I don't blame Brees

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FenrirTheBeard Saints fan2312/7 4:47 pm
by navy

Going Forward

LaTexSaint Southern fan612/7 4:31 pm
by goatman1419

We could still be tied for the division lead so.......

TechDawg2007 Saints fan712/7 4:15 pm
by euquol

Analogies for this game

NIH ULL fan1512/7 4:06 pm
by NIH

This game hurts cause the Falcons will stun the Packers munday

Chad504boy Saints fan712/7 3:52 pm
by SEClint

Sean Payton is the next head coach of...

armydude LSU fan1012/7 3:41 pm
by SEClint

thomas has changed the complexion of this team

Cinci Tiger LSU fan212/7 3:41 pm
by DeathValley85

And there is the identity of this team

Sleazy E Saints fan312/7 3:29 pm
by Chad504boy

This game summed up

HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan312/7 3:28 pm
by tigersaint14

TD drive check In Thread

Chad504boy Saints fan112/7 3:26 pm
by SirWinston

what can we do about the 3rd down siren?

Lester Earl LSU fan1012/7 3:20 pm
by SirWinston

Can you recall a more uninspired effort? Ever?

tigertracts LSU fan1312/7 3:19 pm
by redfish99

The Dome is on full melt

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tgrbaitn08 Hawaii fan3712/7 3:09 pm
by SpartyGator

Comeback time

Mshargois3 LSU fan112/7 3:07 pm
by sportsfreak1989s

TD streak is alive!!!!!!

NorthshoreTiger76 Pelicans fan612/7 3:04 pm
by sportsfreak1989s

2nd and 15, gain of 3 yards

4thandinches Saints fan212/7 3:03 pm
by 4thandinches

Conspiracy theory

pleading the fifth Louisville fan812/7 3:22 pm
by pleading the fifth

We got blown out again!

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Purpleye LSU fan3312/7 2:56 pm
by Purpleye

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