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We still in 1st place

Double Oh811/9 3:50 pm
by Double Oh

Drew please give some of your money back!!

broadcaster LSU fan1011/9 3:50 pm
by c on z

Brees lost it at the end of the first half

Mephistopheles LSU fan1111/9 3:48 pm
by Sho Nuff


JS87 Saints fan211/9 3:47 pm
by Patrick_Bateman

Fun Weekend For Louisiana Football

genuineLSUtiger LSU fan911/9 3:47 pm

Pushed off

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LSUFootballLover LSU fan2711/9 3:46 pm
by TigersforEver

Bengals are a bad team

Double Oh1211/9 3:46 pm
by D011ahbi11

That NFC south though....

bwallcubfan LSU fan011/9 3:46 pm
by bwallcubfan

We have to draft a top QB

FourthQuarter LSU fan1211/9 3:46 pm
by HeadChange

Funny... I thought it was going to be a great weekend

Rex LSU fan211/9 3:46 pm
by Rex

pathetic team display in crunch time

TH03 NotreDame fan011/9 3:43 pm
by TH03

Turnovers costing us a ton of wins

dcrews UNO fan011/9 3:43 pm
by dcrews

we're about to win this one boys

HideChaKidz Saints fan1611/9 3:43 pm
by Sentrius

Just funny how LSU or the Saints can't stop anyone when they HAVE to

DeafVallyBatnR LSU fan911/9 3:42 pm
by JayJay2

Four Games Lost in Identical Fashion

DeathValley85 LSU fan011/9 3:42 pm
by DeathValley85

Our defense and Sean Payton

16Capt LSU fan311/9 3:42 pm
by 16Capt

We are about to lose this one.

Nado Jenkins83 Saints fan311/9 3:41 pm
by Nado Jenkins83

I've Seen Less Ruled a Pass

DeathValley85 LSU fan311/9 3:41 pm
by wope

Peyton and Bress think they can only win passing I quess.

DeafVallyBatnR LSU fan411/9 3:41 pm
by Boh


Hugo Stiglitz USA fan111/9 3:40 pm
by Tyler9258

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