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New Here? OB culture and FAQ: part deux

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Flair Chops Miami(FL) fan2352/19 2:21 am
by Nascar Fan

Drinking, the hell with cooking tonight, thread.

hogdaddy LSU fan32/26 11:16 pm
by MrCoachKlein

Bald eagle numbers rise as hundreds nest in Louisiana

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wickowick LSU fan542/26 11:04 pm
by FrenchJoe

Looking for good resources for learning LA fishing spots

ClydeFrog Oklahoma fan52/26 10:53 pm
by AutoYes_Clown

No-good POS pair caught Kentwood

Itismemc LSU fan122/26 10:50 pm
by Yewkindewit

Kayak Advice: Cuda 12 or 14

zx24 LSU fan112/26 10:46 pm
by lsuson

teach left handed son to shoot right handed?

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NorthEnd LSU fan402/26 10:35 pm
by GeeOH

Is it illegal to keep spoonbill catfish in La??

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Ignignot LSU fan312/26 10:31 pm
by offshoretrash

Vegetable garden time almost here.

LEASTBAY LSU fan152/26 10:27 pm
by Bill Parker?

Get Ready For AR-15 Ammo Ban!

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Tiger2763352/26 10:24 pm
by bapple

What is your go to upland hunting boot?

weagle99122/26 10:21 pm
by BigHogGlade

Hwy 1 bridge construction between Grand Isle & Fourchon?

LSU4ea LSU fan72/26 10:12 pm
by LSU4ea

Tuna trip coming up what to expect

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Rize LSU fan372/26 9:55 pm
by lsuguy84

Katy people question. Can anyone sum up WTF happened to Tactical Firearms?

LSU alum wannabe LSU fan12/26 9:39 pm
by tx_cajun

Indian Creek being lowered?

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SCwTiger LSU fan332/26 9:37 pm

You have 25-30k budget for a new truck

(Page 1 2 3 4)
SomeGuyFromLA LSU fan602/26 9:32 pm
by Chewbacha

is it legal to have gun in car on the seat?

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lsu7171 LSU fan652/26 9:12 pm
by diat150

Anyone fishing the Cocodire Wahoo Tournament this weekend?

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tigerstripedfish69 LSU fan412/26 8:20 pm
by finfeathersport

How much .22LR do you own?

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StrawberriousJackson LSU fan1022/26 7:22 pm
by DownshiftAndFloorIt

Maybe Poliboard but Barry using Executive Action to go after AR15 ammo

bamarep132/26 4:21 pm
by TigerTatorTots

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