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Truth or Fiction: Snowpacolypse was test run for martial law

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Meauxjeaux Memphis fan251/27 2:38 pm

Did anyone watch Bill Maher's show last weekend?

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Samso Tulane fan281/27 2:30 pm
by WeeWee

Stolen from OT: US Adult Obesity Rate Rises Again

WeeWee Pelicans fan81/27 2:05 pm
by WeeWee

Hitchens vs Galloway- The Iraq War, September 2005

ManBearTiger LSU fan31/27 2:05 pm
by REG861

What is the board's opinion on VICE?

WeeWee Pelicans fan181/27 2:04 pm
by 3lsu3

Guess the net worth of this scenario

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Zach LSU fan361/27 2:00 pm
by Pinecone Repair

Lafayette Mom opts kids out of PARCC testing

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CoachChappy LSU fan451/27 1:39 pm
by CoachChappy

Obama Administration Opens Door to Atlantic Drilling

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cwill Saints fan291/27 1:04 pm
by real

Police to Google: "You're cutting into our take! Stop it!"

HubbaBubba LSU fan71/27 12:57 pm
by HubbaBubba

Predictable response to drone landing at the White House

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weagle99261/27 12:20 pm
by weagle99

NYT Columnist's son detained at gunpoint because he fit description of suspect

baybeefeetz151/27 12:14 pm
by Huey Lewis

Alexander Litvenko accused Putin of ordering his murder

Jim Rockford LSU fan01/27 11:54 am
by Jim Rockford

NYC Mayor DeBlasio has hit the PR Jackpot.

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Champagne Saints fan231/27 11:47 am
by Champagne

How is Jindal going to close the budget gap this time?

GFunk LSU fan81/27 11:08 am
by Asgard Device

Does La. have a 'Physicians General'?

Zach LSU fan01/27 10:45 am
by Zach

Al "the Climate Change Advocate" Sharpton

Wtodd mizzou fan11/27 10:45 am
by Jay Quest

CATS to bid on LSU bus contract - opinions?

jbgleason LSU fan21/27 10:38 am
by kingbob

Policing for profit

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turkeybeard LSU fan301/27 9:27 am
by magildachunks

Is the 2nd Amendment the only amendment to have expansion in the last 30 years?

weagle99181/27 9:20 am
by Antonio Moss

Common Core Understanding and Questions

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Fat Man LSU fan321/27 9:12 am
by LSUFanHouston

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