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I was going to start a thread asking Libertarians what their response should be

Tiguar Auburn fan1111/24 11:09 pm
by Stingray

Any honest libertarian would approve of the police action tonight

HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan211/24 11:05 pm
by Stingray

Media discussion thread - props and criticism

baybeefeetz1611/24 10:47 pm
by baybeefeetz

this is what happens with a weak private sector

Rhino5 Auburn fan211/24 10:44 pm
by Asgard Device

Obama " There is going to be negative reaction and it will make for good TV

pistolpete23 LSU fan1411/24 10:43 pm
by BigJim

Have to admit - this reaction is distressing (disturbing video)

Big Scrub TX LSU fan1711/24 11:28 pm
by Breadstick Gun

No one NEEDS an AR

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wickowick LSU fan2811/24 10:12 pm
by Five0

President fires defense secretary and speaks on Ferguson in the same day

Rhino5 Auburn fan111/24 10:07 pm
by DallasTiger

Thread for the Best Live Feeds

Five0 USA fan511/24 9:59 pm
by Five0

Prayers for the Peaceful Protestors tonight

PsychTiger Auburn fan1611/24 9:59 pm
by Matrixman

Anyone in ferguson watching the president on a brand new tv

Fox Mulder Tulane fan411/24 9:41 pm
by Wally Sparks

Issues = behavior and choices

ApexTiger LSU fan011/24 9:41 pm
by ApexTiger

Obama, "Many will be angry...pause...understandably so"

DeltaDoc LSU fan1711/24 9:36 pm
by CamdenTiger

Police car is being destroyed

Toddy Olemiss fan1511/24 9:23 pm
by the808bass

For those arguing this issue wasnt divided down party lines...

Roger Klarvin LSU fan311/24 9:20 pm
by Sentrius

"Black lives matter" sign

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Cosmo UNO fan2211/24 9:16 pm
by dcrews

So, does Obama have two son's now??

GooseSix Alabama fan211/24 9:12 pm
by StrangeBrew

Obama Now 0-3 in Race-Related Cases He's Weighed in On

KCT LSU fan1011/24 9:10 pm
by Sentrius

So shots fired already

double d Baylor fan911/24 9:09 pm
by Five0

Idiot reporters.....

Jim Ignatowski LSU fan411/24 9:07 pm
by Five0

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