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Opinions have really changed on healthcare coverage.

GumboPot LSU fan911/21 10:26 am
by coolpapaboze

GOP: Where is the strategy?

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TOKEN3811/21 10:25 am
by a want

If the libertarian eye doctor doesn't run, which R would you support?

HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan1811/21 10:11 am
by Zach

Wall Street Journal Op Ed - Yes America should be the worlds policeman

Eurocat811/21 10:10 am
by goatmilker

Obama is an habitual liar......

Jim Ignatowski LSU fan1211/21 9:30 am
by yattan

Does President have the authority to grant reprieves to millions of "illegals"

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SpidermanTUba LSU fan2711/21 9:28 am
by diplip

One step closer to tying homosexuality to the human genome

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Green Chili Tiger LSU fan18611/21 9:26 am
by the808bass

Cannabis & Marijuana Lobbyists Endorses Republican Bill Cassidy for U.S. Senator

Sentrius USA fan1711/21 8:50 am
by CherryGarciaMan

Spinoff: Is Obama a cyborg

WeeWee LSU fan211/21 8:20 am
by mauser

What are we going to do with the windfall from all of these "new" taxpayers?

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AndyCBR LSU fan2711/21 8:12 am
by son of arlo

Hey, Obama......Game On, Motherfricker

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KCT LSU fan6311/21 7:27 am
by drunkenpunkin

So how does Obama collect Taxes from the new "legals"

double d Baylor fan1611/21 7:24 am
by son of arlo

Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in talks to resign from police force, sources say

BeYou Baylor fan1411/21 7:19 am
by KCT

You Reactionary Right Wingers crack me up with your "Separation of powers" BS...

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Lsupimp LSU fan3711/21 7:03 am
by Lsupimp

Less than two years (random thoughts)

Purpleye LSU fan511/21 6:22 am
by Purpleye

Has Israel ever started a round of hostilities?

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SirWinston LSU fan7411/20 11:33 pm
by trackfan

Report: Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes

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Tigerstudent08 LSU fan4911/20 11:32 pm

A President's thoughts on immigration reform without the consent of Congress

PacLSU LSU fan311/20 11:31 pm
by Jbird

Thoughts on David Webb tweet...accuracy?

House_of Cards LSU fan811/20 11:09 pm
by DallasTiger11

Obama 's speech was very defensive

tigersbb011/20 11:05 pm
by tigersbb

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