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Coaching Changes

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Former LSU player Greg Jackson is Michigan's new secondary coach

HailHailtoMichigan! Michigan fan61/14 5:14 pm
by bgtiger

Sly Old Les used a different plane

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skinny domino LSU fan221/14 4:53 pm
by Hester Carries

So when is the presser? Edited Scheduled 3.55 CST

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ApexTiger LSU fan201/14 4:35 pm
by OneMoreTime

Confirmed by LSU: Coach O to accept DL position at LSU

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3HourTour Saints fan811/14 4:35 pm
by The_Joker

Simply put, LSU football was getting stale and needed a jolt

tigerskin LSU fan111/14 4:29 pm
by JuiceTerry

Coach O and Steele recruiting abiliies helps soothe the wounds but...

gumbeaux LSU fan31/14 4:15 pm
by UserName69

why is there such little interest in Urban Meyer from the NFL?

LSUTIGER in TEXAS USA fan31/14 4:05 pm

Negatigers eating lots of Crow today

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Bayoufightingtiger LSU fan561/14 6:31 pm
by griswold

Confirmed by LSU: Kevin Steele to be named LSU DC

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PortCityTiger24 Pelicans fan3231/14 1:50 pm
by Paratiger

John Chavis & Brick Haley Recruiter Rankings ...

tigercreole TCU fan131/14 1:32 pm
by Grit-Eating Shin

Jim Harbauph offered 10 million by Raiders

JohnHager913 Michigan fan171/14 1:18 pm
by lsusteve1

Kevin Steele's Defenses At Clemson (stats)

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TheCaterpillar LSU fan541/22 12:01 pm
by airbornetiger

Wait a minute. Pendergast wasnt offered due wanting to hire O

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League Champs301/14 3:43 pm
by LSUnKaty

Blake Baker will replace Manny Diaz as LA Tech Defensive Coordinator

msutiger LaTech fan11/14 12:17 pm
by NoBoBullDog

Steele - Can he dial up Effective Blitz Packages?

BAMBAM LSU fan141/14 11:22 am
by YouAre8Up

I am happy today...I suspect many LSU faithful are as well

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ApexTiger LSU fan271/14 11:19 am

Brick NOT let go at LSU

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Big Block Stingray LSU fan301/14 11:13 am
by TheCaterpillar

This Double-Hire has Real Potential

JawjaTigah LSU fan01/14 10:53 am
by JawjaTigah

So which coach is removed from the staff?

Sid in Lakeshore LSU fan71/14 10:47 am
by WPBTiger

Chances that Brick will be Co-DC?

Manswers LSU fan31/14 10:45 am
by WPBTiger

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