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Who to start instead of Alshon

NOLAGreg LSU fan312/18 9:15 am
by FanInLA

Big Ben or Matt Ryan?

ShoeBang Pelicans fan712/18 8:34 am
by HideChaKidz

Pick 2 for the win

couv1217 LSU fan012/18 8:15 am
by couv1217

I need a QB for week 16

Cranky Jorts Pelicans fan312/18 8:08 am
by actiger60

In RB 2 Hell. Who to start?

318TigerFan912/18 7:55 am

Fun topic- name my leagues trophy!

Biggereztiger LSU fan612/18 7:31 am
by IT_Dawg

Forte, J. Bell, Demarco, J. Hill. Have to pick 3

lsupride87 LSU fan912/18 12:16 am
by Jwho77

Bears starting Clausen per Schefter

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OneMoreTime SMU fan2112/18 12:10 am
by Joshjrn

Do you really think Demarco Murray will play this Sunday?

Shane4689 Saints fan512/18 12:08 am
by Joshjrn

My oppnent wants the split the pot before the final. here are our teams

Shane4689 Saints fan1312/17 11:03 pm
by saderade

I picked up Sanchez...should I go with him?

Kingwood Tiger LSU fan1212/17 10:23 pm
by tzimme4

Pick two PPR: Herron, Pierre Thomas, Gerhart, Richardson, Vereen, Blount

killercoconut LSU fan412/17 9:23 pm
by killercoconut

Pick a DST to start.

locotiger Saints fan212/17 9:23 pm
by bamabenny

Pick my FLEX

tzimme4 LSU fan212/17 8:36 pm
by GynoSandberg

TDFL Super Bowl

PortCityTiger24 Pelicans fan1412/17 7:53 pm
by TthomasJR

Pick 2 please

Dr. Huxtable LSU fan012/17 7:38 pm
by Dr. Huxtable

Take the split or go for it all

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CE Tiger Pelicans fan3612/17 7:22 pm
by GynoSandberg

Cam Newton or Alex Smith?

lsuguy84 LSU fan112/17 6:21 pm
by Putty

Defense: GB vs Tampa or Philly vs Wash

couv1217 LSU fan512/17 4:33 pm
by robbykidd

Lance Dunbar have any real value?

redbullwings LSU fan312/17 4:06 pm
by forksup

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