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The Official Weekly Projections/Rankings Thread ® ***WHO TO START?***

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ATLsuTiger LSU fan56211/22 4:46 pm

Link to all Fantasy Football League Threads

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okietiger USA fan2110/26 2:07 pm
by pwejr88

Those with Hill and Gio who are you going with?

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purplengold1 LSU fan2911/22 6:19 pm
by RB10

Pick 2 to start PPR

ItsThatDude12 LSU fan111/22 6:12 pm
by croxley

Flex help

croxley LSU fan011/22 6:10 pm
by croxley

Is fantasy basketball the worst there is?

ToulatownTiger SLU fan911/22 6:04 pm
by Vicks Kennel Club

Who is Demarco's Cuff?

herbstreit4 OhioState fan1411/22 5:59 pm
by TaderSalad

Qb options going into the playoffs

CheeseburgerEddie Alabama fan1511/22 5:54 pm
by CheeseburgerEddie

Lovie Smith doesn't know what he's doing (RB2 problems)

forksup ArizonaState fan611/22 5:40 pm
by forksup

NBC just said Josh Gordon could come back

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LSU_2012 LSU fan209611/22 4:43 pm
by forksup

Lineup Adjustment Advice

Rabbs and QStick LaTech fan311/22 4:08 pm
by Rabbs and QStick

wr3 who to start?

KEIT111/22 3:48 pm
by oncealurker

need help with WR

ultraperm LSU fan111/22 3:38 pm
by subotic

help! pick one flex

HideChaKidz Saints fan311/22 3:37 pm
by TigerSTPelurker

Lineup help

TigerSTPelurker LSU fan011/22 3:33 pm
by TigerSTPelurker

Really don't wanna roll with Rivers this week

xxKylexx LSU fan411/22 3:28 pm
by TigerSTPelurker

Do you rather total points or head to head for winnings?

the crue LSU fan311/22 3:06 pm
by saintslsufan

RB2 Help

AUEagle225 Auburn fan011/22 2:30 pm
by AUEagle225


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Byron Bojangles III LSU fan500111/22 2:09 pm
by Byron Bojangles III

Decker or Smith Sr

Pnels08 LSU fan111/22 12:25 pm
by LSUbeastMODE2013

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