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Marco Polo / Prometheus connection

HoopyD LSU fan41/19 6:26 pm
by TH03

The 100. Anyone watch?

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wish i was tebow Arizona fan221/19 5:26 pm
by lsunurse

Can we discuss Frozen?

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Salmon USA fan401/19 4:49 pm
by athenslife101

Most underrated Wire character...

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THRILLHO Pelicans fan701/19 3:56 pm
by Tigris

Watched a few episodes of orphan black

Civildawg MissSt fan31/19 3:55 pm
by Salmon

Kingsmen picks up an R rating

udtiger LSU fan101/19 3:13 pm
by Melvin

Kevin Hart killing it on SNL tonight

(Page 1 2)
BowDownToLSU LSU fan311/19 2:23 pm
by SCTmo

Just finished Season 1 of Blacklist *possible spoilers*

CaptainPanic USoA fan41/19 2:20 pm
by udtiger

Brian's Song-The 2001 Vetsion

Gris Gris LSU fan91/19 1:32 pm
by Gris Gris

The Lone Ranger .... First watch

lakeviewtiger LSU fan61/19 12:17 pm
by jrowla2

Martin Freeman: More 'Sherlock' Would Make Show "Lose a Lot of its Appeal"

Byron Bojangles III LSU fan31/19 11:57 am
by Dr RC


Champagne Saints fan21/19 11:43 am
by TigerMyth36

Captain America: Civil War

Byron Bojangles III LSU fan61/19 11:13 am
by hawgfaninc

Spinoff- rewrite the ending for one character of The Wire(SPOILERS)

632627 SouthernCal fan01/19 10:10 am
by 632627

Star Wars The Force Awakens

AUTigerTimothy04 Auburn fan121/19 9:57 am
by Tiger Ryno

sarah connor chronicles

gatorprincess815 Florida fan111/19 9:16 am
by gatorprincess815

The French Connection (Spoilers)

athenslife101 Georgia fan151/19 9:01 am
by Wally Sparks

Movie theater Etiquette.

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smash williams LSU fan511/19 9:00 am
by LeonPhelps

Is there any doubt that Ledger's Joker was inspired by Tom Waits?

CrimsonFever Alabama fan61/19 8:34 am
by illuminatic

Superhero Cafe is pretty funny stuff

Methuselah LSU fan01/19 6:37 am
by Methuselah

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