USA Today put together this cool graphic that shows what a 64 team college football bracket would look like...

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Would you want to see this one day?
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Florida State, Stanford, LSU, Alabama Final Four
Reply33 months
64 teams is ridiculous for football.

12 would be ideal. Four teams get a first round bye, four get a first round home game, and you have at least one and maybe as many as 6-7 wild cards. Every team has a chance at the beginning of the year. Every conference has a chance as long as its champion proves itself on the field. Every game is a battle for something of significance.
Reply34 months
No reason to have half the teams that play make it in The tourney
Reply34 months
this is idiotic
Reply34 months
LSU in Championship
Reply34 months
those Cajuns couldn't beat the gamecocks to win the east. Some good / odd matchups to be had along the way though.
Reply34 months
I'd like to see it.
Reply34 months
Pretty cool layout, but badly formatted.

Florida State and Michigan State, and Alabama and Auburn should be the Final Four match-ups if it came to that.

Also USC and Oregon shouldn't be a second round match-up.
Reply34 months
While I like the thought pattern, the possibility of 6 more games for any team is unrealistic. They would have to cut the regular season down to 8 games. I would like to see more than 4 teams in the playoff. Minimum of 6. I think 8 would be about as close as you could get to the top ten unless the 1 and 2 seed each draw a bye in a top 10 team bracket. JMO
Reply34 months
*8 team playoff
Reply34 months
so a championship team would have to play 6 games to win the whole thing. That seems a little extreme. Only way that would happen is if the cut the regular season to 8 or 9 games. I can see an 8 game playoff though.
Reply34 months
Do the Ragin Cajuns get a trophy when we win the East?
Reply34 months
I believe that is a tough draw LSU would have! Both Oregon and Ohio State in their region. I like the idea!
Reply34 months
i think you should have the FCS schools in there too
Reply34 months
That would be awesome!!
Reply34 months
I would so love this. Id easily prefer this over the bowl system. All you need to do is shorten regular season some games. Maybe well see this 50 years in the future. Doubt it but who knows anything can happen
Reply34 months
That would be the best draw LSU could hope for.
Reply34 months
Absolutely would love to see this happen.
Reply34 months
Kind of unfair to Auburn that they put the one team that beat them in their bracket. :lol:
Reply34 months
No, but would be happy to see some sort of 8-16 team format.
Reply34 months
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