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In a recent video interview with, incoming freshman wide receiver Malachi Dupre shared his opinions on Alabama freshmen defensive backs Tony Brown and Marlon Humphrey.

"Tony knows he cant shut me down and Marlon knows he cant shut me down either".
When asked if LSU will be able to shut down Alabama...

"I don't want to say completely shut them down. It's Alabama, I don't think anybody's gonna shut them down, but I think we can limit them."
Dupre will get his first chance against the Tide when Alabama visits Baton Rouge on November 8th.
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Yeah, I remember seeing this shortly after signing day. It's old news.
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Putz gump troll says... (11thACR)Missing piece at LSU is not the players...Saban builds Teams , LSU depends on individual talents.

And LSU built Saban. And then Saban gets the best recruits in the country nearly every year that he has been in Bama and can't develop players as well as Miles and his staff. Heck, he's only won two SEC champs with how many straight top classes? Lord knows he didn't win the SEC when he was handed a rematch that he didn't deserve in 2012.

Nice Try Gumpster

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Why is this being represented as recent news? I thought that was something he said this week. The comments below are from 3-4 months ago.
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"coachcrisp - Kid hasn't played a down of college ball and is running his mouth. That's why Saban doesn't let his freshmen talk to the press...makes the school look stupid."

No, Coachcrisp, it makes a poster look stupid when they judge a headline and don't even really listen to what the kid said even when it's a mouse click away. Hate much?
Reply28 months
He saying this bc they didn't shut him down when they had the opertunity..... Truth hurts some people. Kid is an amazing talent period who gives a shit
Reply28 months
Missing piece at LSU is not the players...Saban builds Teams , LSU depends on individual talents
Reply28 months
For anyone who didn't see this video interview, the comment about the two Alabama CBs was very tounge in cheek. Malachi is good friends with Marlon Humphrey and said they talk almost every day.
Reply28 months
When you do anything other than drop to your knees and worship Alabama and their coach it is considered trash talk.
Reply28 months
If you watch the video he didn't talk ANY trash. I was very impressed by his interview, he seems like an amazing kid with a great head on his shoulders!
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Those sound like pretty respectful comments actually.
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Kid hasn't played a down of college ball and is running his mouth. That's why Saban doesn't let his freshmen talk to the press...makes the school look stupid.
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He is only telling the truth
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I don't like it when players get like this. Next come the "guaranteed" wins. i.e. a player guarantees they will beat XYZ team. Hate that shite.
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Over the last few years ive noticed that there is a specific type of recruit for bama vs lsu. Bama gets the followers- Not many leaders go to bama. LSU gets personalities with its players (for better or for worse). For example think of recent headlining draft picks for each school.
LSU : odell beckham , eric reid, patrick peterson , tyrann mathieu, jeremy hill
BAMA: trent richardson, mark ingram, Mosley, fluker, lacey

More flare from lsu imo

Tony brown and malachi are great microcosms of what im referring to.
Brown will be great but he seems like an bama or ohio state type of player.
(Plus his name is way too simple to come to lsu)

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Sad day when this is considered 'sounding off' or 'trash talk'....
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