Texas packs more than 100,000 fans into Darrell K. Royal Stadium for a home game. Said fans may soon be able to drink away the mediocrity on site. According to AD Deloss Dodds the school may start selling alcohol at baseball games and progress forward from there.

“We talk about it constantly,” Dodds told The Daily Texan. “If we ever did it, we’d probably start with baseball. There’s something about it that doesn’t quite feel right, but there’s people telling me that it might be safer to serve it than not serve it. It’s an issue. I guarantee you we talk about it at almost every other staff meeting.”
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Dumb idea.
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Just what they need, another revenue stream to pay for their mediocre athletic program.
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If Mac Brown was my coach I would have to drink a lot to watch texass play.
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Why? Like the first comment every time I have ever gone to a game we have left the stadium walked across the street boozed for a bit and then walked back into the stadium by the 4th quarter.
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I go to one Longhorn game a year with my Texas buddies, and we leave the stadium at halftime and go across the street (maybe 50 feet) and hammer back fruity-Texas-type cocktails inside this big tent for alumni, and then go back in the game. They check our tickets as we leave and give us a little pass.
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It's they'll sell fruity drinks with big umbrellas.
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I've always said this, but serving booze at college ball games would definitely make things safer. I guess I can't speak for the other 102K fans in BDS, but if I could buy beer in the stadium I would not be sneaking in a flask of Bourbon.
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I may be wrong, but I think it's against state law to sell alcohol on state college campuses in Texas. I know we do so in the suite area for both football and baseball but I think there is some "private club" type of clause we use. DKR is on campus so I'm not sure how they'd get around that for general public.
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The product they are putting on the field lately will drive up the amount of alcohol consumption at football games if the trend continues and alcohol is served at the stadium
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Interesting Dodd is considering this now. Revenues must be down these past few years.
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Isn't this up to the NCAA?

No. You can buy and drink beer currently at ULL baseball and football games. I think this has really helped there football attendance.

It might be a conference thing though. I don't think the SEC allows it.
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Reply49 months
nope up to the conferences, and in the big 12 UT runs that one sir!!!
Reply49 months
Isn't this up to the NCAA?
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