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re: Just got out of "Bad Grandpa" - Sgt_Hulka
Excuse the bump of an older thread... I saw this movie this weekend. Why in the hell are more people not talking about the night club's "lady's night" scene??? As sad as it is to admit, that one scene made me laugh louder than any single scene in any movie of the past several years. Most of t...
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re: The best part about the end of this World Series - Sgt_Hulka
Wally, I came here to start this exact thread. Have a great retirement Tim. May your prostate keep your pants leg wet and I hope the kids in your neighborhood stay on your lawn! As for boobsie and the rest of you Bashing baseball... Have fun watching the high intellect sports of NBA and NHL...
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re: Homeland 10/27 - Sgt_Hulka
Man, was Saul's toast to the Senator the most epic, "if I have to work for you, I fricking quit!" in TV history? His character is the only reason I'm still watching this show. He is the moral compass, but you know, when it's time to start nut-cutting, he's capable of some pretty devious shite....
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re: Saban House Hunting in Austin News affect 2014 recruits? - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]he has a vacation home already on a lake in Ga that is 10x more attractive than any lake house in Tx and that lake is sort of a dump with the water recession issues [/quote] Dude - you truly do not know what the fock you are talking about. Lake Austin homes are some of the most sought aft...
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re: "Captain Phillips" is the most intense movie I've seen since _______? - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]the guys who [b]are suing the shipping company in the hopes of scoring an early retirement[/b] disagree[/quote] Only about half of the crew has disagreed with the public record. They filed suit prior to the film getting made. It isn't the film they are debating - it is the official pub...
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re: Skyfall - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]ot as dumb as quantum but close. Oh, someone wants to kill M. Let me take her to an abandoned home in the middle of nowhere without backup or ordinance. Instead of hiding there, lets send a signal to the bad guys to let them know where were are and lure them into our trap. Had hig...
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re: Comedy teams - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]Sander/James Stiller/Wilson Ferrell/ Reilly Murphy / arsenio [/quote] Sorry... but all of those guys are just cheap imitations of: [b]Wilder & Pryor[/b]...
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Why did Luke show more sadness over the death of old hermit Ben Kenobi... - Sgt_Hulka
than he did his own aunt and uncle? I've watched Star Wars at least a dozen times... and I just realized that he gave two shits when he saw bar-b-qued Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. But as soon as old hermit Ben gets taken out by the freak in the black mask, he's all like, "I'm so sad. I really love...
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re: D J Chark, ASH vs Pineville - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]I went to Pinevill brah. Just seems like every time we play ASH there's one big penalty that swings momentum.[/quote] You sound like a fair and impartial judge there. Pineville NEVER gets home field advantage calls when the game is on your side if the river. Am I rite? Welcome to ...
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re: Name our new Male English Bulldog Pup - Sgt_Hulka
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Video of an idiot and his homemade slingshot - Sgt_Hulka
Looks a bit fake on mobile....
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re: This is the funniest prank call I've heard in a while. - Sgt_Hulka
"I want to know if it's true... that you'll stick your finger up my arse for an Archie Manning bobble-head." LOLOLOLOL!...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Felix Baumgartner jump full POV video - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]The "g force" gauge was interesting to watch as he started spinning.[/quote] I've seen some POV porn that I think having the extra angles and the g-force and heart rate monitors would really been beneficial for me figuring exactly what the hell was happening....
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Really enjoyed Cpt. Phillips last night - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]the crew came out saying that the movie is bs and everyone hated Phillips and he was the one that allowed them to be captured [/quote] No -- only PART of the crew is saying this. The same part of the crew that filed a lawsuit almost immediately after the incident. The debate has been a 4...
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re: Whoever did this you guys are fricking Awesome!!! - Sgt_Hulka
Is it just how the pic looks on my phone... Or did the two dudes on the left piss their pants?...
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re: Can someone fark the meme faces to the goofy LSU fan from the UF game - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]i saw enough of this a-hole on saturday thanks to CBS. please no more[/quote] let me start with... I do NOT know this guy, I am not related to this guy, and I am definitely NOT that guy. BUT, he is at EVERY LSU home game and stays until the very end. He cheers as loud as anyone... sur...
Posted on Fark Board
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re: Recruiting Board People Please Pay Attention ... - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]I am not trying be holier than thou [/quote] sooo... you're not trying to be [link=(]this guy[/link] guy?...
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re: Captain Phillps looks badass - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]quote: The commercials almost look like they're trying to make you feel sorry for the kidnappers [/quote] [quote]it will certainly take this stance[/quote] I saw it last night. There was nothing in the movie which tried to get you to feel sorry for the pirates. If you want to see an a...
Posted on Movie/TV Board
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re: Head referee for St. Paul's/ Mandeville game arrested in middle of game - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]Funny story, I used to intern in the sports dept at the ABC station in Houston. We were covering a Katy high school game and one of the chain gang guys starts bitching that we're too close eventhough we weren't anywhere near him and threatened to have us thrown out. So we moved a little arthe...
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re: Molina didn't tag Mark Ellis at the plate - Sgt_Hulka
[quote]Watching the replay, I don't see how the ump could call him safe. Is there another angle from above showing no contact with the glove?[/quote] All of this debate on the tag... not one mention of how beautiful of a play that was by Beltran. That video is a perfect example of the outfielder...
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Antonio Blakeney Dominates Jordan Brand Classic Scrimmage
Can't wait to see him in purple and gold.
LSU Offers Four-Star WR Trevon Diggs
And lands on his top schools list moments after...
Video: Mikie Mahtook's 1st Big League Home Run
Welcome to the big league Mikie.
LSU Adds John Treloar To Staff As Assistant Coach
Coach Johnny Jones announced the hire Wednesday afternoon.
Antonio Blakeney To Sign With LSU This Friday
Blakeney is rated as the No. 14 prospect for 2015.