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Favorite team:Auburn 
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Registered on:11/30/2012
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re: List the team you feel will make most improvement and disappoint most in 2016 - Dr Van Nostrand
Auburn will be "most improved" by spring and over summer and then will disappoint again in 2016........
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Why does Auburn put so much emphasis on the Heisman Trophy? - Dr Van Nostrand
Speaking of things that AU fans have that bammers don' you mean like degrees from our universities and ....class? Lol! Henry becomes the first deserving Alabama player to win. Won't be close and shouldn't be. The best player on probably the best team. :cheers:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Who Would be a Good OC for Auburn? - Dr Van Nostrand
Borges....Al Borges. ...
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re: How can we as fans show our displeasure - Dr Van Nostrand
This. Minus the swastikas. Shitty teams go to shitty bowl games and still roll to them pimp style....then end up losing money to play in a loser unnecessary bowl AU should decline the impending crappy bowl invite and use the time and money to start seriously recruiting players and coaches for 20...
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re: Lashlee has to get somewhere... - Dr Van Nostrand
Al Borges. ...
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re: Can anyone tell me how our gunner getting dragged down from behind - Dr Van Nostrand
Should have been a penalty. Refs and coaches called a bad game today. I know everyone that cares about AU is pissed and scratching our heads but this extra back and forth between fans of the same program only makes us all look silly. War Eagle Anyway! ...
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re: Any chance Mississippi State loses to the Gumps? - Dr Van Nostrand
Sorry. There is zero chance that Miss St beats the bumps. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: What are your thoughts on A&M? - Dr Van Nostrand
I think will be similar to last Sat. May stay close for close to 3 quarters but AU loses by 10-12 points. Coaches interrupt somewhat successful drives by putting JJ in and then don't even have enough faith in their own plays and players to risk it on 4th and short in the red zone. Pass def...
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re: Question about Heisman Room - Dr Van Nostrand
The one in the Tigers Den in Jordan Hare? Got nothing to do with the Heisman winners or the Heisman Society seating section below the press box. It's a private room where they try to seal the deal with recruits to commit or donors contemplating a big or bigger donation. It's all fun and games ...
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re: Beating UGA - Dr Van Nostrand
"Beating UGA....." Let me just stop you right there. Sorry...
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re: Official bring back Trooper thread - Dr Van Nostrand
Despite his antics and off field issues, his receivers could catch the football! Ours couldn't catch the clap in an Arkansas whorehouse! ...
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re: Who deserves to be fired? - Dr Van Nostrand
B) Lashlee is a Malzhan apprentice and brings nothing to the offensive game plan that Gus hasn't already thought of and can't offer any new ideas in the event of a down game or season. No recruiting advantage by having him as the O coordinator. C) Dameyune was a great player but was hired as a t...
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re: What's going on with Jay Ratliff? - Dr Van Nostrand
Should have kept his name Jay.... Jeremiah likes the illegal substances too much! I'm sure he has saved or invested his millions wisely though so no big deal. Rock on Jay.... Keep it real! ...
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re: Do you think Auburn players regret picking them over Alabama? - Dr Van Nostrand
That's actually a pretty funny retort. Up vote ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Somewhat verified full story of Duke sitch. - Dr Van Nostrand
Thanks . It's a good read and prob even some truth to it. Only part I will openly disagree with is that we lost our best wr. He is a thug, lazy arse and has helped suck the life out of our program. AU needs a real receivers coach that would not tolerate this kind of drag arse pouty behavior on the fie...
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re: rest of the schedule - Dr Van Nostrand
Completely agree. No confidence or balls by coaching staff. Heads needs to roll...
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re: IF we have a losing season - Dr Van Nostrand
Only San Jose st and Idaho are winnable with this bunch. Put in Tucker Tuberville.....can't be worse than the shite show that Kiehl Frazier Jr. #6 is putting on. And coaches are gonna keep him in.... ?????...
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re: I've figured out what's wrong with Jeremy Johnson.... - Dr Van Nostrand
In the first one, he has an O lineman in front of him; aka blocking. In the second, he has a linebacker about to crush him; aka NO blocking. ...
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re: Your prediction for this weekend? AU @ LSU 2:30 CBS. - Dr Van Nostrand
45-20 Auburn. Yes I'm serious. PS I'm already home and not drunk....
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re: This board needs a motivational speech! - Dr Van Nostrand
Keep Calm and run the ball. Offense needs to relax and let the run open up the passing game. Give us some Jason Smith so we can all stop asking about how good he is and let us see it for ourselves. Defense needs to stop resting the stars that are " hurt"and stack the box with the blood thirsty...
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