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re: Cam Jordan - Dats Who
[quote]And on rewatch how often was her forced out the pocket and how often was Jordan held?[/quote] Cam and Jr. were held all day. Seems the refs have put more emphasis on calling hands to the face and less emphasis on holding. Not making excuses, penalties are missed all the time, but ...
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re: It's kicker day. - Dats Who
That's my thinking as well. Dimke. Too bad Morestead couldn't do it. He already punts and does the kick offs, one would have to assume he would be capable enough. ...
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re: It's kicker day. - Dats Who
So, we expect Lorig to go IR with the designation to return. We also expect that Fortt will remain on the 53 man roster just inactive until healthy thus opening one spot for a kicker. What's our prediction? A. Dimke B. Graham C. Morestead D. Some other vet E. Field goals are over-rated,...
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re: Teams' weak spot - Dats Who
We are going to be alright at CB. True PRob looked off and we still don't know what Bailey has left in the tank. Our CB play will be intertwined with our safety play and as a whole I would consider it a strength. Our ability to stop the run with 2nd and 3rd string roster hopefuls was the proble...
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re: Final 53 Roster Prediction(and PS) - Dats Who
[quote]WR Colston Stills Cooks Morgan Meachem Toon [/quote] Stills being hurt is the major reason I see us keeping 6. Otherwise 5, it was a toss up between Meachem and Arrington (I mean Toon) for the 5th spot. I wish Jones or Coleman would have stepped up and impressed. ...
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re: Final 53 Roster Prediction(and PS) - Dats Who
[quote]I don't get this logic. Griffin has looked off, so I doubt he's in any danger of being of being claimed off of waivers. He can go right back on the PS. [/quote] I agree. Shame too because I was pulling for him and thought he would win the back up spot based on training camp reports and th...
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re: McCown is clearly #2 - Dats Who
In my opinion McCown has won the QB2. I was pulling for Griffin but he didn't look too sharp v's the Colts and looked like hot garbage against the Ravens. I think we will take our chances at sneaking him to the practice squad now. There is no way we keep 3....
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re: 53 man roster game. - Dats Who
Offense QB: Brees, Griffin RB: Ingram, Robinson, Thomas, Cadet FB: Johnson TE: Graham, Watson, Hill WR: Colston, Cooks, Stills, Morgan, Toon C: Goodwin, Lelito G: Evans, Grubbs, Kelemente, Jones T: Armstead, Strief, Harris Defense DE: Jordan, Hicks, Foster, Walker DT: Bunkley, Jenki...
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re: 8/25 Practice/TC Updates - Dats Who
[quote]i was extremely excited when we signed him. now at this point, i doubt he ever makes it on the field for us[/quote] Same here...
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re: Mark Ingram o/u 1000 yards and 10 TDs? - Dats Who
Under and under I'd say 900 rushing yards, and 8 TD's. I wasn't a huge Ingram fan, but I will say he has looked really good the last 1/4 of the 2013 season and all of training camp and preseason. I think he is ready for a break out year. We will always be a running back by committee kind of ...
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re: Who gets cut or put on IR? - Dats Who
[quote]Offense Drew RGIV Ingram, Khiry, PT, Cadet Jimmy, Watson, Hill Colston Cooks Stills, Meachem, Morgan, Coleman Streif, Armstead, Harris Evans, Grubbs, Kelemete, Jones Goodwin, Lelito Defense Jordan, Hicks, Foster, Walker, Johnson Bunkley, Jenkins Galette, Par...
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re: Sam Bradford done for year/ Saints related - Dats Who
[quote]Seems like the team wants Griffin to win the job, but I wouldn't say it's a lock yet.[/quote] I agree. The team wants him to win the job (as do I), but it isn't locked up yet. Makes me wonder why McCown got the 1st team reps v's Indy. Griffin had the pleasure of working with the 2's and...
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re: 53 man roster game. - Dats Who
Your 53 looks pretty good, but I keep counting 52 unless the PUP Cheta Ozougwu is counting towards the 53. WR - I agree with your 5 selected however the fifth spot will either be Toon or Meachem as Colston, Cooks, Stills and Morgan are all locked in. RB/FB - I don't think Lorig is living up to...
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re: The biggest surprise after two games. - Dats Who
[quote]I'm also impressed with his counterpart, Marcus Ball. Heard a short interview with him. Very well spoken young man. Class act. [/quote] I am too, which makes it hard. I was pulling for Pierre Warren. ...
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re: The biggest surprise after two games. - Dats Who
[quote]Marcel Jones and Senio kelemete. [/quote] Very impressed. I was worried if something happened to Grubbs or Evans we would be screwed. Now, not so much. I think our back ups were quite capable. Factor in we had changeover at Center and played both pre-season games with Griffin and McCow...
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re: Titans 24, Saints 31 - FINAL - Dats Who
[quote]Gonna make it harder to stash someone like Warren on PS. I wonder if 8 teams are the norm for this, or other teams just acknowledge how well the Saints find under-the-radar guys.[/quote] 8 seems high, but I don't know the norm. Warren either makes the 53 man roster or he gets picked up o...
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re: It's game day suckas!!! - Dats Who
Saints 27 Rams 13 Who Dat !!!! Bold predictions: - Defense creates 2 turnovers (1 INT and 1 Forced fumble) - Defense gets 5 sacks - Brandin Cooks is legit - Griffen has a dominant performance - Jimmy still dunks after a TD ...
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re: Guys we play a game tomorrow - Dats Who
I'm so stoked, tomorrow can't get here soon enough. I'm ready for some football. I'm anxious to see which unknown player(s) emerge out of nowhere to make the team. Looks like we have some position battles on our hands. QB2: Griffen v's McCown K: Graham v's Dimke WR: battle for the last s...
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re: If Archie ever had an offensive line to speak of, - Dats Who
[quote]I agree because both of them are great QBs, Archie was not in any way shape or form a great or even a good QB.[/quote] Agreed, was trying to give fox his apples to apples comparison. Archie will always have a place in our hearts, but he was not great. So many people try to make the sam...
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re: What are you looking for in preseason that would give you 2009 level optimism - Dats Who
On paper, it looks like the best team we have fielded. So i want to see it with my own two eyes. 2009, like mentioned, it was the Raiders game that I knew that team was going to be special. This year, I have that feeling again. So, i am ready for preseason to start. What I want to see: - ...
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