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Favorite team:Georgia 
Location:Irmo, S.C
Interests:UGA football and the rest of college football
Occupation:Financial Industry
Number of Posts:1415
Registered on:9/24/2012
Online Status:Not Online

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re: Suck on this for another year War Tiger Eagle Plainsmen...from their boad!! - Remington Dawg
Cry on you damn war eagles! :doublebird: :wah: :rotflmao: :doublebird:...
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re: Ok Dawgs,I need a break from the turmoil - Remington Dawg
What's worse than Jesse's boy band beard is his damn clip on ties. I'm watching football and the commentator wears the same damn tie as my 6 year old son. You want me to take that rose slinging gayturd serious. Jesse sucks! ...
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re: Heard Fran on the radio today, says very matter of fact that our coaches do not - Remington Dawg
A few years back Fran was doing ATL talk shows and calling for Richt's head. He's now doing it in a little different fashion. I see no way that any of these coaches come back next year. We could easily win out because the rest of the teams are pretty bad. Although, UGA is bad right now. This progra...
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re: Ramsey, Bauta and the end game? - Remington Dawg
[quote]If Bauta hasn't played at this point then I seriously doubt he will against Florida.[/quote] Agree, MR is very stubborn to change. I was on the Ramsey bus at first but he is a damn pick machine. If I remember correctly his first throw in the Bama game was a pick 6! I would love to see Baut...
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re: A little perspective - Remington Dawg
Get well. ...
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re: Is Chubb's career over? - Remington Dawg
No way, he'll be back! Chubb is a tough arse kid. We'll find that sniper from Newland Stadium one day :lol: Chubb for Heisman 2016...
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re: Vegas early spurrier replacement prediction - Remington Dawg
Dantonio is a great coach, I don't see Patterson leaving except for a lot of $$$$$$$$$. I think Kirby might just fall flat on his face and shat his pants ala Muschump style. I vote for Smart. I ran into Brad Scott last year duck season. Hey Shamecocks, he's available!! Brad Scott- more chins than wi...
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re: OT - Mizzori Parking and Prayer Request - Remington Dawg
Prayers sent! ...
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re: Question for Richt Booters - Remington Dawg
Because we all know now that the media will NEVER take UGA serious as long as Richt's the coach. You'll see game times get changed for other programs and that affects recruiting. Also sooner than later recruits are going to see that he's mediocre and they'll stop listening and then we are screwed. W...
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re: Question for Richt Booters - Remington Dawg
Here's my view. Richt walked in day one in 2001 with a talented roster and made some rookie bad calls, SC and AUB 01. Everyone was forgiving. Then he went on his best 3 years of his career. After 2005 we've had one good season and that was 07 when we ended up #2 at year’s end. The problem with that ...
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re: Game plan for Sat - Remington Dawg
Richt will shite his khakis and we'll lose because we have a retard for a head coach. Please push the time for change, Fire that **** Richt and hire a real head coach!!!!!...
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re: Yeah, he gets it - Remington Dawg
[quote]We truly might be cursed[/quote] No curses, we have a fricking retard as a head coach!! Demand better!...
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re: Shifting the focus - UT hate week edition - Remington Dawg
[quote]gatorhata9[/quote] If I remember correctly you’re the fly fisherman, so correct me if I'm wrong. You should be smart enough to see a stinking trend of mediocre shite from this team. Also stop excepting mediocre bull shite from the head coach and demand a change. If not then go to Disneyland a...
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re: Shifting the focus - UT hate week edition - Remington Dawg
I'm still pissed at A. Kamara for not coming to UGA, if our D doesn't stomp his punk arse into the ground then I'm bringing my hitman back from Cuba and that pussy Richt will pay! I hate to say it but Bootch is a better coach than Richty we just have a ton of talent compared to the Sister Kissers! I'...
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re: Who would you want our next coach to be? - Remington Dawg
The point of the story is you can keep excepting mediocrity and excuses from Richt and go ahead and stencil in a 8-4 or 9-3 season and a toilet bowl game. The other idea is push for a real coach that wasn't just Bobby Bowden's dry clean, delivery , butt wiper, right hand . UGA football and fans dese...
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re: Small Blessings - Remington Dawg
[quote]That'll teach her to marry a Bama fan.[/quote] ^^This, life is too short to go full retard!!...
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re: Who would you want our next coach to be? - Remington Dawg
[quote]- just promote Pruitt.[/quote] No, his crappy D gave up 38 points last night and looked like a shite show. He's still learning to be a good SEC DC, hes' not even close yet. His stats look close to Granthy's. The next coach could be stolen from a vast number of schools. UGA is one of the top...
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[quote]Bobo was a top 5 OC in the nation. [/quote] Bobo was never the problem. That's why he'll turn CSU around and win. ...
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re: Try not to think about this stat too hard - Remington Dawg
I'm with you Fin, Richt is a shithole coach and will never amount to shite. Mark my words. He's a good QB coach and good OC, Dooley should have never hired his arse but Glen MAson (another bad hire) played midnight rider and ran away in the middle of the night. UGA has all the talent and resources to ...
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Les Miles Indicates Texas A&M Game Will Be His Final At LSU
Miles has a 110-32 record as the head coach at LSU.
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