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Favorite team:Georgia 
Location:Goodyear, AZ
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Registered on:9/21/2012
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re: UGA O-Line - BoogerSykes
I'll say this, I'm really disappointed with Theus, he had got manhandled almost the whole game. His footwork is atrocious. The same can be said about Houston as well. ...
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re: Should we blame Bobo - BoogerSykes
I never understood Ramsey's recruitment. I could see Bauta and Park, but Ramsey, I mean he came from a program that ran the ball almostly 80 percent of the time. He hardly ever threw it. I always wondered what Bobo was thinking with this move. ...
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re: Explain it to me Richt Minions. - BoogerSykes
[quote]Explain why your breath smells like dick.[/quote] How do you know what dick smells like?...
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re: New Bama Hype Video - BoogerSykes
This chit gave me chills, I can appreciate some spoken word on a hype video...well done :bow:...
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re: Mauk may have played his last game at Mizzou - BoogerSykes
[quote]I thought he'd be a great QB.[/quote] Do you watch football, he is in no way a great QB. He's mediocre at best. Now on a side note if he has a problem sniffin' the white lady, hope he gets the help he needs. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Alabama or UT...who would you prefer to lose to this season? - BoogerSykes
This thread is unacceptable, seriously. I don't wanna lose to either one of these phuckers. "Perfer losing to" isn't a option!! ...
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re: College Football Final on ESPN - BoogerSykes
What was the reason for the change anyway? I never got why they got rid of Lou Holtz and Mark May? ...
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re: Saturday could be Spurrier's last stand..... - BoogerSykes
[quote]Believe it or not a lot of Shamecocks are ready for him to go.[/quote] bullshite, They haven't had a better coach ever under that program. Back to back 11 win seasons. Not even old Lou could turn that program around. They got spoiled under the old ball sack. They should be grateful he's...
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re: Something positive about the QB situation - BoogerSykes
what I don't get about Lambo is that he bails even when the pocket is strong. He hardly had pressure and still left the pocket. I feel like he thinks he is still behind Virginia's offensive line....
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re: Lambert is terrible - BoogerSykes
Lambo's body language sucks arse too. He shows no emotion. Take command of the phucking offense like you wanna be out there dammit. ...
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re: Favorite fullback during Richt era? - BoogerSykes
Southerland and Chappas...
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Good read on former Dawgs on Chiefs - BoogerSykes
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re: JSW Situation - BoogerSykes
His football career at Georgia done. I mean it took him longer than most people to recover from acl, then he needed another surgery, and now a sprain. Just wasnt meant to be. ...
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Bengals- Georgia affiliation - BoogerSykes
What's the affiliation between these tw? The Bengals roster seems full of Georgia players . It seems that they draft or sign the most Georgia players out of any team every year. I just saw that Bennett got signed as a free agent which is good news. ...
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re: Is Macolm Mitchell a deep threat or possession receiver? - BoogerSykes
I also think he caught a deep ball in the Boise St game his freshman year. ...
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re: Finebaum Mizzou Rant - BoogerSykes
[quote]Mizzou did it's job and won all their games in the second half of the season. It's not Mizzou's fault that UGA shite the bed against the Gators. [/quote] Mizzou won all their games with garbage arse schedule. Fire your AD and schedule some real games out of conference please ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Another Chubb and Fournette Debate??? - BoogerSykes
[quote]Add 300 yds to Fornette at the end of 2015 since he's not in the East. Fair is fair.[/quote] To be fair is that Chubb wasn't even the starter until like 6 games in. LT started every game from jump didn't he. That says alot about the type of back chubb is. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Your teams' worst uniform combo - BoogerSykes
This are by far the worst alternate unis the dawgs have ever worn [img][URL=][IMG][/IMG]...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Knee surgery for... - BoogerSykes
he will be back mid August...
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