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re: Brian Welch's daughter that was given up for adoption - mahrud0268
My understanding is that he still has her as she was one of the main reasons to get clean and leave Korn....
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re: Any Sevensust fans OTB? - mahrud0268
Huge fan. They are in the studio right now. Search for their page on U toobe and they are uploading videos to show the progress. Also check out the band Call me No One. Clint and Morgan from Sevendust created that band during off time. There is another one that John the guitar player created, jus...
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re: What is up with Steve Vai and the lack of lyrics? - mahrud0268
He actually did an album a while back called Sex & Religion with a young Devon Townsend on vocals. Go to You Tube and search for the Jay Leno performance. Unbelievable!...
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SEC Head Of Officials Says Penalty That Negated LSU TD Was A Foul
He added that is was "a very tough judgment call."
Ed Orgeron Defends LSU OC Matt Canada During Radio Show
A caller asked about the offensive struggles vs. MSU last week.
Frank Herron's Return Date Is Set
The fifth-year senior DE has been absent for all 3 games this season.
Ed Orgeron: "I Understand The Expectations At LSU"
Orgeron was asked Wednesday if he had a message for the fans.
LSU Releases Complete 2018 Schedule
The Tigers open up the season vs. Miami.
Paulina Gretzky Back In The Hot Selfie Game
Starring in "Babe On A Plane."