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Favorite team:Alabama 
Number of Posts:9658
Registered on:3/1/2011
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re: We've got hopefully 4 games left, but 2016 starting QB predictions? - sarc
[quote]There will be losses along the DLine, but there are a ton of young guys coming back.[/quote] We'll be good at NT and OLB but assuming Robinson and Allen go pro we'll be thin at DE behind Tomlinson and Hand due to moving a couple guys to offense and the fact we haven't signed many 290lb DE ...
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re: Bama Fans Re: Luke Del Rio - sarc
[quote]Saban said he was third behind McCarron and Sims at the time. [/quote] Yep. Was ahead of the two scholly QBs we signed that year (Bateman and McLeod) plus Alec Morris. Not bad for a freshman walk-on. I think he stated in an interview at OSU that he transferred in part because he thought he...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Chris Black season ending surgery - sarc
[quote]from all reports, he out performed Coop in the Spring of their freshman year[/quote] People don't still really believe this do they? Cooper was working with the 1st team O on A-day while Black was with the 2nd team. ...
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re: Bama in the NFL: 2015 Edition - sarc
[quote] Dareus in coverage sounds hilarious to watch [/quote] IIRC he somehow wound up covering Tennessee TE Luke Stocker on a vertical route in the '09 game. Had decent coverage too (considering he's well over 3 bills) but gave up the completion to set up the Rocky Block FG attempt. ...
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re: Bama in the NFL: 2015 Edition - sarc
@nyjets: We have activated CB Dee Milliner from short-term IR and placed G Willie Colon on IR-
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re: Tuscaloosa PD has gotten very aggressive - sarc
[quote]Have there been other incidents with TPD?[/quote] There was the Tony Brown incident last year. It didn't involve police brutality like this but apparently did involve a trumped up Obstruction charge which was subsequently dropped due to the blowback caused by witnesses and social media. ...
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Ridley reaction to LSU flop - sarc
SIAP Ridley just became one of my favorite players: [link=(]PRICELESS[/link]...
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re: A'Shawn Robinson's is a full grown man. - sarc
When he signed with Bama, some Texas writer penned a not so flattering article about him (without mentioning him by name) calling to question his work ethic and attitude. Searched for it yesterday but couldn't find it. Speaking of his signing ceremony, this is one of my favorite pics of all time...
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re: Where has this "HEAVY" goal line package... - sarc
We brought A'Shawn in on goal line one or two games ago but wound up calling timeout or something and coming back out with a different look. So it's something we had prior to LSU but hadn't used...
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re: The'Shawn - sarc
He also drove some poor soul into the end zone while playing fullback on one of Henry's TDs...
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re: Does anyone else remember when people projected Ragland at TE - sarc
I remember someone saying they saw him play a high school game and thought he was too soft to play LB. Seriously. ...
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re: OT: Demopolis restaurant / bar - sarc
As the poster above stated Red Barn and Foscue House are your best dining options. There may still be a restaurant at the marina. Don't know much about the bar scene but I think there's a bar above the Red Barn. ...
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re: Altee Tenpenny has passed away - sarc
@AaronSuttles: According to various tweets, including from former Alabama teammates, Altee Tenpenny has passed. Hope it's not true but doesn't look good...
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re: Does anyone know Scarbough's statis for this weekend? - sarc
The funny thing is Tenpenny got reps ahead of Henry for the first few games (mop-up duty). Tenpenny was probably the more well rounded of the two early on...
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re: Does anyone know Scarbough's statis for this weekend? - sarc
As others have pointed out, if Bo doesn't play Monday it's not because CNS doesn't play freshmen (he clearly does if they earn it). If he doesn't play it's because, though medically cleared, he's not 100%. On fan day, he didn't appear to be moving as fluidly as he had in high school. He had a bad kn...
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re: If Saban & pals would have been more decisive on the QB - sarc
I think it's a fair question. All spring, all fall, and 2 games should've been enough to pick a QB in time to get that QB starter reps for a big week 3. Would it have made a difference? Possibly. CRob said he didn't know who was starting till they went on the field for the first play. Uncertaint...
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re: What I saw - sarc
In fall camp, CNS had some good things to say about Shefield. Said some guys (Minkah) catch on quicker than others (Sheffield) but indicated Sheffield was showing promise...
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Positive Bama article from Huffington Post? - sarc
I'm as surprised as anyone. SIAP [link=(]Why University of Alabama football is unique[/link] [quote]While watching the game there were several Ole Miss supporters around us who were never heckled or bothered in any manner, despite their often wild celebra...
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re: Class of 2016 Recruiting MEGATHREAD: 3-star Edition - sarc
Just saw some pics of Terrell Hall on his visit. Dude looks ready physically to play college (or NFL) day 1. Good looking OLB/DE prospect...
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re: Deontay Wilder on @ESPNCFB punching teams he says are "pretenders" - sarc
Not only that, he has a ton of personality and charisma. Would probably be the most entertaining guest picker of the year...
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