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re: Is it time for a qb change? - weaglebeagle
It's not Sean's fault that his receivers can't catch in the red zone or that the offensive line lets defensive lineman whiff right past them. This offense has a lot of problems but I don't really see Sean as one of them. ...
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re: Best option for a place to stay next weekend? - weaglebeagle
If you're willing to stay in Lanett the only thing I'd really recommend is the Hampton Inn. There's a red roof inn in Valley but I'm not sure how good it is. It'll be about a 30-minute drive to the university exit....
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re: Kevin Steele press conference cancelled - weaglebeagle
They need to take that shite to Sonic like real men....
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re: PuttaDaForkDown v2.0 - weaglebeagle
323/289.6/180 Hi everyone, so I've been out of this thread for about the last three years. I posted fairly regularly (for a while) on the old thread. There's a lot of new faces here but i'm glad to see it still going strong. Four years ago I went from 306 to 250 and gained it all back in abou...
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re: They are Planting the Toomers Decedents Today. - weaglebeagle
It looks like it's part of transformer....
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re: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 11 - weaglebeagle
I feel like I'm not even watching the same show as some of you are. This season has been really good in my opinion. ...
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re: And he is gone - weaglebeagle
I'm so mentally checked out at this point. ...
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re: Okay I will say it... - weaglebeagle
I wouldn't say the offense sucked, but outside of Ben Tate, it was a very inconsistent offense. Seem familiar? The biggest difference in my opinion was the home run threats of Darvin Adams, Terrell Zachary (to a lesser extent), and Onterio Mccalleb. Let's not kid ourselves, that team achieved about ...
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re: Holding non calls - weaglebeagle
I agree. But at least the called it consistently within the game. I'm sure we got away with some too that didn't get called. ...
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Jovon Robinson - weaglebeagle
Is there any explanation for why Jovon Robinson isn't getting the lion's share of the carries? I have so much respect for Peyton Barber because he carried this team in the early season, but there's no doubt in my mind that Jovon is the superior back in almost every way. What is Gus seeing that w...
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re: Muschamp interested in UCF Job - weaglebeagle
I've heard rumors that Fisher and the administration at FSU have been at odds and that may lead him elsewhere. Nothing I can verify so take it fwiw....
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re: Seriously, would the basketball school identity better fit Auburn? - weaglebeagle
I find it especially remarkable that we've had two SEC titles and two national championship appearances when our biggest rival is in the middle of arguably it's most dominant period in history. I don't see why both sports can't just coexist. It won't hurt either to put emphasis on both sports....
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re: Bowl game: is it Birmingham ? - weaglebeagle
I don't see why would turn down further opportunity for our young guys to get more practice. Plus turning it down would penalize the players, which isn't fair. This season falls on the coaches, the players haven't given up yet. A bowl game is a reward for them....
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re: **Official Fallout 4 Thread** (Links and videos in OP) - weaglebeagle
[quote]Jonesie, if I preloaded the game onto my PC that means I can play at 11 central tonight, right?[/quote] If you use a VPN and set it to Australia or New Zealand you can play it now.
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re: Idaho Game Time - weaglebeagle
That's what happens when we suck. These early kickoffs are really cramping my style. ...
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re: On Mizzou - weaglebeagle
That list of demands is what made me lose sympathy for the group. I understand wanting to change the culture, but people try to take things to the extreme and end up accomplishing nothing. ...
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re: Who was that - weaglebeagle
What is it with Auburn having so many people with the first name Ryan and the last name Davis on the team in the last several years?...
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re: JJ the Man - weaglebeagle
Tell me one thing that JJ did tonight that you haven't seen Sean White do better this season? JJ benefited from a healthy Jovon Robinson and a shitty A&M defense. Sean had one game with Jovon and he was injured. If tonight taught me anything it's that Gus needs to stop the qb carousel unless it mean...
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re: Let's discuss our red zone offense - weaglebeagle
I felt like the first two drives the red zone playcalling was fine. There was some variety and our receivers actually caught some passes. I think Gus' playcalling is part to blame but it doesn't help when our receivers aren't catching catchable balls. Ricardo dropped another pass from JJ that was ea...
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re: Gus post game - weaglebeagle
Definitely. Jovon is way more explosive than Barber. Barber is a good determined runner, but Jovon just has that x factor....
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