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Favorite team:Florida 
Location:Austin, TX
Biography:C/O 2014
Number of Posts:1498
Registered on:11/19/2010
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re: Clemson 40 vs Alabama 45 - FINAL -Alabama Wins 2015 National Championship - LuciusSulla
[quote]Treon might be better at Florida.[/quote] No. No, he's not. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Will Grier to Transfer - LuciusSulla
[quote]Per Sec Country in an interview with McElwain UF put No transfer restrictions on Grier. McElwain said he signed off on several SEC schools.[/quote] I think that's what happens when your coach is confident he has a good shot against anyone on a given day. Yes, that was a shot at aTm. ...
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#1 In Recruiting according to SI - LuciusSulla
Hot off the Gainesville Sun Interwebz press.
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re: Do you think Ole Miss pays their recruits or cheats in some way? Yes or No - LuciusSulla
[quote]Every. School. Cheats.[/quote] Absolutely, and if not them, their boosters do. Big money boosters = tranters with money pretty often, so just imagine some of the characters around here with money to burn and a recruit on the fence. They may not reach Uncle Lukian levels of paying play...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Take a look at South Carolina's board. - LuciusSulla
[quote]Weis would sit on coolers during practices....but at least he got medical care for his offspring at Shands..which is why he came to UF I think.[/quote] I've always heard Weis was a somewhat of a forced hire to supposedly make up for Muschamp's lack of offensive knowledge. If so that was ...
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re: Trevor Knight transferring from OU - LuciusSulla
[quote]He's not sitting he graduates in a few weeks and can play right away.[/quote] ^this...
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re: Take a look at South Carolina's board. - LuciusSulla
Unlike a lot of folks, I don't look at two seasons of bad football as much more than that at school like UF. It was a shitty two years, not a mortal slight. Life moves on in professional college football for the haves. In answer to your snarky retort, well frick man, I am at least 20% sold he ca...
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re: This Reddit thread is hilarious - LuciusSulla
Ole Miss is just a consistent season away from a trip to Atlanta. I'm not sure OM could have beaten Florida that particular night as that was just one of those games where the other team is a buzzsaw on that given night. That just happens, even to great teams. However, now that the season is over...
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re: Take a look at South Carolina's board. - LuciusSulla
I've said it before; I like Muschamp. I've actually had run-ins with him and used to occasionally hang out with some of his staff. Despite his sometimes questionable on field demeanor, he's actually quite a nice guy who is upbeat and friendly. He was a regular around town in Gainesville, and you ...
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re: DBU will have to be year by year debate - LuciusSulla
[quote]I agree VH3 Was underwhelming this year. Awards for him his year are sort of a lifetime achievement award kind of feel for me. He was better the previous 2 years. [/quote] Tend to agree. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Are you rooting for the SEC in bowl games? - LuciusSulla
Aside from the obvious, Ole Miss and LSU. As for the rest, I usually don't care too much if they lose, but I also don't hate to see them win. I wouldn't mind seeing Michigan State win it all this year though. I think Dantonio is one hell of a coach. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Is Ole Miss going to shite the bed in their bowl game again? - LuciusSulla
Ole Miss is generally pretty good in bowl games. 23-13 I believe, which is a helluvalot better than 16-19....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: If UT does not win the East next year then Butch should go - LuciusSulla
[quote]Only thing we rent is space inside Gator fans heads.[/quote] True. I still often wonder how we lost to FSU, UGA, Vandy, and a directional school all in the same season, finished with a losing record, and still somehow continued the streak. Haunting really. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: We need a QB period - LuciusSulla
Why is it so hard to believe that the guys behind Treon are even worse? Mac hasn't shown a particular aversion to shaking things up. It could be worse as Treon could be a turnover machine as well, but at least he isn't too bad about that. I can remember when Grier would struggle during games p...
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re: Bought Sugar Bowl Tickets? - LuciusSulla
Well, I guess if Florida wins, I know where to get tickets. If we don't though, seeing Ole Miss go will be a nice consolation prize. ...
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re: Baylor fans are pretty cool - LuciusSulla
I can't wait until Baylor fades back into mediocrity and that monstrosity they built on 35 lies largely empty. ...
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re: 0/U on Florida scoring in the SEC Championship - LuciusSulla
We'll probably win for no other reason that we shouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell. We'll go on to lose the Sugar Bowl after spoiling the SEC's being in the playoffs while Bama is left wondering how in the hell they lost to a team with no offense. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Gameplan vs. Bama - LuciusSulla
Hell with it... We probably don't got this, but there are going to be a lot of Gators out there who will still be with us next year. Toting an arse whooping should it come to that will be worth getting them bloodied so to speak in a Atlanta. We'll be a better team for it next year. ...
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