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Favorite team:Arkansas 
Location:The Flagship™
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Registered on:9/1/2010
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re: Why is Tyson Foods putting out bad info about Voting Rights - ThundrHawg
I'm ok with the states putting hurdles in front of voters in order to supress the vote if the same party that pushes that garbage does the same to their candidates. For example, the gaggle of retards they are pushing on us this year should have to pass a drug test, a civics test, a history test and ...
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re: Peyton Manning accuser's house is in foreclosure - ThundrHawg
On a side note, does UT have to forfeit their offseason trophy due to all their posters going bat shite over people saying mean things about their hero?...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: I'm trying to melt but it's not happening - ThundrHawg
I can't melt either. I want to win as much as the next guy but as long as the team leaves it on the field and long term progress is evident then I'm ok. I think this would have been a much different season without all the injuries. But I didn't expect the defense to regress this much, that is a conc...
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re: F you Bert - ThundrHawg
I just can't understand how the secondary was supposed to be the strength of the defense coming into the season and they are one of the worst we've had in years(and that's saying A LOT). Were the coaches just trying to build their confidence saying this shite before the season started or are they rea...
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re: I think we broke LSU - ThundrHawg
I don't know about breaking them, but the weather on the rant is phenomenal for sailing today. The fleet is out full force, lol. ...
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re: List of recruits who watched 90% of tiger stadium leave early - ThundrHawg
If any of these guys really follow LSU football they already knew the fans were shitty so this probably won't affect their decision. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: LSU #17 in Coaches Poll - ThundrHawg
[quote]Did I miss any other 17s?[/quote] I believe Harris was sacked 17 times. I'll have to check the box score. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Tyson Foods - ThundrHawg
[quote]The fact that yall are fighting over chicken during Game week in football. [/quote] To be fair, it has been kind of a shitty season.... and chicken is serious bidness in Arkansas...
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re: Dusty Hannah Has put the world on Notice - ThundrHawg
Success is not a prerequisite for my support or happiness as a fan. The video is cool because a Razorback player did something cool so I'll be excited about it. The athletic department doesn't have to get my expectations up for me to be excited about watching Razorback basketball. Obviously things c...
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re: Bill Nye On UCA Campus Tonight - ThundrHawg
Bite your tongue! The science guy is awesome! ...
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re: Brandon Allen - ThundrHawg
If there were any leaders on this team they would beat Allen's arse after games like this. He needs to learn that choking the game away has consequences. ...
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re: I hope BA's vehicle is well protected - ThundrHawg
Not me I hope his shite gets burnt the frick up again. I wonder if they could give him a Xanax at half time. Would that be considered performance enhancing? Because when crunch time hits that fricker's arse draws up and he starts seeing ghosts of choke jobs past. ...
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re: List your new hobbies now that college football is over - ThundrHawg
Fantasy football is my new passion, the only team that has to win is the one i control myself....
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re: On the bright side - ThundrHawg
[quote]Maybe I'm in the minority but I wish Bobby nothing but the best. We all make mistakes and his mistake cost him his job. He loved the UofA and probably would had been here for the long haul. He didn't bash the university or quit and took a job else where. Hell the man didn't even try and recou...
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re: Collins and Walker - ThundrHawg
This whole game was bizarre. I don't know exactly what they did differently this season as far as practicing and conditioning but we look soft as frick in the trenches. That is the heart of this system so they better figure it the frick out....
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re: With a record setting 10 SEC teams in the top 25, let's look at who got left out - ThundrHawg
[quote]This could have been much more subtle and excellent. Instead, you went for the big splash troll. Sad.[/quote] This, step it up man. You could have easily taken this one to the house....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: What SEC team is best fit to take on OSU? - ThundrHawg
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Gameday has arrived - ThundrHawg
Tell the doc you just lost your insurance coverage, you should be quickly moved to the head of the discharge line......
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re: tDecline: It might be real - ThundrHawg
You guys planning on putting anything in place that results in any points on the board? All I hear from you guys is how great your defense will be this year. You held Arkansas to 17 points last year. Congrats on that....... ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: The worst time of the year for some is upon us - ThundrHawg
17-0 :doublebird:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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