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re: Heard a rumor on why Notre Dame tickets are ridiculous - nickhole5
I hate to shift the focus off the economics discussion but if anyone gets a lead on 2 tickets at a somewhat reasonable price and wants to help out a fellow GSB member please let me know....
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re: Harrison High School (metro ATL) - nickhole5
[quote]Not playing in the highest classification anymore will help them too.[/quote] weak. Surely HHS could have gotten themselves in 7A if they really wanted to....
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re: 2016 Season Predictions . . . . - nickhole5
8-4 Loss to UNC, OM, UF and either USC or AU. We will lose a game or 2 we shouldn't. Great chance it's @USC after big home win vs. UT. I'm surprised at how confident everyone is about the UNC game. ...
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re: Falcons: Neal it is, what you think? - nickhole5
He's physical and may end up becoming a LB and can play close to the LOS which we need badly. I do wish he was a little faster. I'll wait before I call it a terrible pick. I think he could be an Ogletree/Davis type of player eventually. ...
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re: Welcome to Mercedes Benz Stadium - nickhole5
[quote]We have to share sponsors with the Saints? [/quote] yes. not a fan of this. But, the overlap is only a couple of years and our deal is for 27 years so I'm assuming our stadium will eventually make everyone forget about the Benz Superdome....
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re: What is your attendance record? - nickhole5
My best guess. Only listing those I can 100% confirm a memory that I went but I’m sure I’m missing a few in the early 2000’s 2-1 2001 (@UT, UF, @GT) 8-1 2002 (Clem, @Bama, UT, UF, OM, @AU, GT, ARK SEC, FSU Sugar) 4-3 2003 (@Clem, @LSU, @UT, UF, AU, @GT, LSU SEC) 9-2 2004 (GSU, @USC, Marsh, LSU...
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re: went to the braves game Sunday - nickhole5
The rathbun steak sandwich is really good and the Holeman and Fitch cheese burger is about as good of a ballpark burger that you will get. If that's not your thing you can always get waffle house...
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re: Check this ish out, Golson to UGA???.... - nickhole5
[quote]I'd take him just so South Carolina doesn't. Can his issues at QB be any worse than what we got? I'd bet money we lose 2 qbs to transfer if he comes.[/quote] This. We're set with Eason. We have nothing to lose IMO....
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re: Golfers-What hand grip do you use? - nickhole5
[quote]Embarrassingly I use a 10 finger. I know I need to change it, but it just feels so weird after playing for 20+ years like this.[/quote] If it's comfortable don't change it. IMO there is a misconception with the 10 finger. If done the right way it's completely fine....
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re: New OC: Stick with the Pro Style or maybe, idk, try something new - nickhole5
I would be disappointed with a full blown spread offense. It definitely works but I also think it's hard to keep consistent year in and year out due to the need to recruit the right type of players. However high school's across the country are almost all running a spread so maybe I'm just too old sc...
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re: Chelsea 2014/15 Season Long Thread - nickhole5
Gotta get 3 today. Hopefully hazard/Oscar can provide enough chances with cesc out. Time for costa to get back into the scoring column. Good to see Cech back :dude:...
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re: The Official 2014 Atlanta Falcons Thread - nickhole5
[link=(http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2014/12/7/7347777/mike-smiths-fate-is-sealed-arthur-blank-a-fan-of-rex-ryan-dimitroff)]LINK[/link] Please God don't let this be true. ...
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re: Saturday weather - nickhole5
well then. let's see some joystick on Saturday! :cheers:...
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re: Saturday weather - nickhole5
hate to ruin your Friday but Michel isn't playing...
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re: Keith Marshall a maybe? - nickhole5
the ONLY reason I would even think about bringing him was if some sort of horrible injury wrath broke out and we had to have another tailback. Otherwise I agree with those who say Douglass/JJ much more capable at this point. Marshall just isn't the same and needs to sit out the rest of the season...
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re: TG announcement is in.... - nickhole5
[quote]they dicked us over in a time where we supposedly were a shining example[/quote] This is what really pisses me off. To me it looks like we legitimately thought he was going to be active this week thus keeping JJ Green at DB. now he's missed out on reps and the offensive gameplan when we re...
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re: Bryan Allen's attorney gives comment - nickhole5
[quote]Well, Gurley ain't back yet. Hold your hosses[/quote] touche...
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re: Bryan Allen's attorney gives comment - nickhole5
I gotta be honest this loser may have done us a favor accidentally. I gave up on the season once Todd was suspended but after seeing how the rest of the team stepped up I think we are a much better and more dangerous team than we were 2 weeks ago. Adding Todd back into the mix makes us a legit SEC t...
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re: Is UGA pretty much just focused on AU at this point? - nickhole5
anyone who's been watching SEC football long enough knows how the rotation works and sometimes you get a much tougher slate than others. it's not UGA's fault UT and Florida are terrible just as it's unlucky for Auburn that Ole Miss and MSU aren't the pushover they typically are. it's all a cycle. ...
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