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Favorite team:Alabama 
Location:Tallahassee, Florida
Number of Posts:72
Registered on:2/5/2010
Online Status:Not Online

Recent Posts

re: SEC Week 1 Predictions - BamaJames
[b]South Carolina[/b] 35 North Carolina 21 Western Kentucky 17 [b]Vanderbilt [/b] 28 #9 [b]Georgia [/b] 32 ULM 21 #17 [b]Ole Miss[/b] 45 Tennessee-Martin 3 #18 [b]Arkansas [/b] 31 UTEP 28 #6 [b]Auburn [/b] 42 Louisville 21 #24 [b]Missouri [/b] 42 Southeast Missouri Sta...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Do you root for other SEC teams in bowl games? - BamaJames
I do. Living in Tallahassee, Florida will make you want the SEC to do well, especially against the ACC....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Why do ACC fans think they don't suck? - BamaJames
Because of the large number of ACC teams that have competed for the BCS national championship. :rolleyes: Nope, that's not it as they've only had one team (FSU) compete for a BCS championship and they lost 2 out of 4 (to SEC teams). :booboo:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Thoughts After The Florida Game - BamaJames
[quote]1. Florida was lucky we turned the ball over like that, very well could have been a shutout. [/quote] I think the first two turnovers were well-deserved by the Gator defense stripping the ball. I wouldn't say they were lucky. I do agree that, had we not turned the ball over, it would hav...
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re: Could a two quarterback system be our best chance at success? - BamaJames
Time will tell how both QBs are used this season. I definitely think defenses will need to vary their practices based on what both QBs bring. It seems that Coker was given many more chances to throw the deep pass compared to Sims. Of course, Sims only got to throw 13 passes all game. I'm sure ...
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re: Attendance yesterday. - BamaJames
I'd estimate 90,000 as nearly all the seats were full around us. There definitely were 2-3 empty seats per row and people were spreading out a bit. We left a the beginning of the 3rd for my Dad's health. He tried to escape the heat by going under the stands; however, the cigarette smoke was too...
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re: West Virginia slaps Towson teeth out! - BamaJames
I'm also curious how WVU will do against Maryland this weekend. I personally hope they win a bunch of their remaining games to boost our SOS....
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re: Do most of us root SEC across the board? - BamaJames
Definitely Pro-SEC. Living in Tallahassee, you'd think that FSU invented football. I pull for an SEC team unless it hurts Bama in some way. Oh, how I wish FSU would join the SEC one day!...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Predict the Alabama vs FAU score - BamaJames
49-0 I would not be surprised if we stall a drive or two and end up attempting a field goal or two. Saban want to give kicker opportunities to kick in game-like situations. Defense should be much improved with two starters returning and 2nd-game improvements (which FAU will also have)....
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re: Not a big fan of Lane on the sideline - BamaJames
With today's technology, surely he can have a video feed sent to some sort of video screen (tablet/laptop) that is on the sidelines. He could review the prior series' defensive formations and watch replays if he wanted. Obviously, he can't do this in between plays, but maybe in between series or d...
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re: Buying tickets outside bryant denny? - BamaJames
[quote]You'll have plenty of tickets for sale at the game, but finding that many together will be really tough. If you wait until just before kickoff, you can buy them well under FV, but be prepared to split up into 2 groups.[/quote] That's what we're planning to do. Hoping for a group of 3 and ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Buying tickets outside bryant denny? - BamaJames
I'm headed to Tuscaloosa this Saturday for the FAU game. I'll need 5 tickets (me, wife, son, daughter, Dad), but expect that I'll only find singles or pairs of tickets. Last time I tried to arrange to meet somebody prior to the game to buy tickets, the guy's phone died and he was an hour late to...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: WVU replay on SECN right now - BamaJames
I had a group of people over yesterday and timed supper to be ready by halftime. Unfortunately, I missed quite a few plays tending to the smoker. Here's my review. [b]QB[/b] Outside of the missed passes that would have kept drives going(I counted at least 3) I think Sims had a very good 1st ga...
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re: F/S Single game tickets - BamaJames
He is the starting placekicker and back-up punter. He started as a freshman last year and should retain that role this year. I have a lot of respect for Coach Ruffin and am looking forward to another good season. My son's name is Jason Coste if you talk with Coach Ruffin....
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re: F/S Single game tickets - BamaJames
That's good to hear. It'll be my backup plan (tailgates in the Quad or close-by)....
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re: F/S Single game tickets - BamaJames
I'm hoping to get 5 tickets at the stadium that morning. We'll see. It's a risk, but one I'm willing to take. I've got a 6-hour drive from Tallahassee, but my son also has a game at 6pm CST later in Birmingham (Miles College) so we'll be in the area regardless. Should we not be able to get tic...
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re: So which opponent scares you the most for this season? - BamaJames
I'd have to look at recent history (2-3 years) and, of those on this year's schedule, we've only struggled/loss to: Auburn, LSU and TAMU. Comparing the recruiting classes of the past couple of years and the players lost from last year's teams, I'd rank mine from: [b]Least "Concerned"[/b] 1. ...
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re: Nick Saban is in his 8th year as head coach at Alabama. - BamaJames
[quote]I 100% disagree with this sentiment. No fanbase is gonna put more pressure on him than Alabama. It's NC or bust every year.[/quote] I should have been more specific and used a better word than pressure. My thought is some crazy fan that does something threatening to him or his family (thi...
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re: Nick Saban is in his 8th year as head coach at Alabama. - BamaJames
He has built a powerhouse at Bama in those 8 years. If he continues to recruit at the levels he has, more NC's are bound to come with the talent and quality coaching he has on staff. Last year was disappointing knowing we were so close to playing for the SEC and NC. As fans, we were disappointe...
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re: Coker/Sims Thread - BamaJames
I went to the A-day game was was underimpressed with Sims' performance. I try to keep in mind that he was facing probably the best defense in the nation, had a limited set of plays and was unable to scramble and make plays on his feet without being "tagged" or "sacked". Coker seems to have all t...
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