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re: Fantasy Basksetball members wanted. Champ wins magic johnson signd jersey - windyhilltiger09
I'd be interested if you still need someone. My email address is ...
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I think fans are missing the point about why jj & johns were suspended! - windyhilltiger09
From all articles, evidence and video that i have seen, it doesn't appear that Johns and JJ were involved in the actual fight itself. Seems they were actually standing nearby watching the fight when some person rushed up to try and help the gentleman that was being beaten up and Johns may have thou...
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Ode to Tiger Fans! - windyhilltiger09
It's the start of the game and emotions run deep, a slow start on offense puts the faithful to sleep. Our defense comes out to save his arse again, what more can miles ask for, 3 & out was the plan. As peterson goes out to field another kick, the coach, punter and whole opposing team become si...
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re: Hattiesburg Tiger Fans - windyhilltiger09
I actually live in Purvis, MS which is about 15 miles south of Hattiesburg. I have been here since 1999 and i really like it here. It is very laid back and everyone is very kind. Probably the best place to watch a game would be buffalo wild wings! I have heard great things regarding the new alum...
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